The Speaking Opportunity We Have Right Now


Right after I released the last episode that is when Corona Virus. Hit the reason you haven't heard from me on this follow up episode was because I wanted to wait just a minute to get a feel for what was happening because it seems like what's happening changes daily. I can't give you a lot of accurate information. As far as how corona virus will affect your business other than sane. Things will come back around. They might be different but they will come back. Eventually we will start getting together again eventually. People are going to want that human connection they want it now. But we've got these substitutes. We've got podcast like this one. Like your podcast. Maybe blog post email newsletters but speaking at least in person that is not one of those things that we have now however because it is coming back. If you're ready for it you are going to be in great shape. So let's get you ready. I want you to think about the stock market in the nineties. Everybody was making money. But you had to have money in order to make money. If you weren't able to invest in the stock market in the nineties you couldn't take advantage of it and in order to invest. You had to do the work before the thing hit. They didn't know it was going to hit like it did. And that's what I'm trying to get you to do now. You can't remember the nineties. Maybe you weren't born yet thinking about real estate over the last few years the boom boom that we've seen in real estate over the last few years that same type of boom is going to happen for live events and speaking like. I said we're going to be ready to get out wherever you ready to see. People again and when that switch is flipped. You'RE GOING TO BE READY FOR IT. On the last episode grant covered a lot of ideas regarding speaking. And he's certainly done a lot more speaking than I have because speaking was his job for me speaking his way to spread a message. It's a way that I built my company. It is a way for me to get information out to people that I want them to know so I want to share some big ideas on speaking there from a little bit of a different perspective. This is from a guy who had a business has a business and uses speaking to grow that business built connection with people and to make money sometimes directly through the speaking sometimes. It's something related to the speech that I'm giving. Maybe I'm getting business directly from that speaking in. Sometimes it's just to expand my authority because when you come in like an expert you don't have to market as hard people come to you and you are able to charge more when you were seen as a celebrity in your business. So here's some big ideas on speaking from that perspective. Somebody who does speak a lot but does speak on a regular basis. By the way I had about four events cancel within a week after Corona virus hit a road warrior. But I'm doing this on a pretty regular basis and have been doing this for awhile and that brings me to my first big. Id Ah you need to jump in with speaking and the way that you may be able to do that now just to get that training be ready for when that switch flips and we're ready to go back to live. Speaking is doing it via online broadcast via live broadcast that could be via zoom. Something like spreaker. If you're more of an audio person that lets you distribute your message live just like a broadcast radio show. And here's the point of why you WanNa do that. The only way for you to get better in front of a live audience is to get in front of a live audience. I started doing radio in nineteen ninety one and when I started it wasn't live on the air. I wasn't a jock. I was a production guy. I was doing documentaries. I was doing stuff where I will go out. Do Research Comeback to the tape room and it was a tape room. It was literally magnetic tape that I had to slice with a razor blade. Taped back together with tape. I was doing much like I'm doing but the process took a lot longer. I will go out into the field with Marantz tape recorder like a cassette tape recorder and it was good but it was still on cassette comeback. Put It on a real. That's when I would chop it up. Get the edits in anyway. It took a while for me to get that content out the content wasn't live but it did get me used to speaking. So if you're doing a podcast even if it's not live while the best way for you to get used to speaking is live the skills you are developing by doing something you edit later. That's still going to help you. But it's not a replacement for getting out and doing it. Live the transition for me to doing live. Eventually I moved up. I guess it was move up to live on the air. Play music going in and out of tracks. Sometimes I would do interviews but not like. I'm doing now so that was a different skill. Had the live thing but it didn't have the long form content that I'm talking about now with either speech or doing something like a podcast and that transition continued with getting in front of a live audience like where I could actually see them was getting on various panels. I was flying around the country going to a lot of music marketing events. This is back in nineteen ninety-five in the late nineties tons of panels. Sometimes I moderate them. Sometimes I would just beyond them and I did dozens of these things from south by southwest in Austin Texas to see him Jay in New York to really anybody who would have me. I remember doing at least a couple of events in Athens Georgia Indianapolis. There's something to West. Virginia I was going anywhere and everywhere that would have me and for me. That was easy because I was able to bounce my message off of what somebody had previously said or more or less conversation with the people who are on stage with me. If you've got a podcast you might be able to relate to this because a lot of beginning podcasters what do you do you have a co host. Yeah people that you're interviewing you like to bounce your message off of other people and it's not all on you to have one hundred percent of that content and that'll help you for eventually getting in front of a live audience but if you WanNa get good doing something in front of a live audience one. You've got to do it. You're probably going to fail. It's going to at least be a little bit rough. It's got to be just you the very first speaking presentation that I had. I think it was the late nineties. Remember it was in. Philadelphia is an old theater on arch street again. I was used to doing panels but I had one of these independent music events. She said why. Don't you come on up here? We're not doing panels? But you can speak and I think the reason why she did that was because she didn't want to fly a bunch of panelist in imagine this. You've got five or six of these sessions. Each of them has three. Maybe five people. You've got to fly those people and you've got coordinate with them first of all you gotta find him. Even that can get complicated getting somebody to fly across the country just to sit on a panel for one hour so she wasn't doing panels and you'll see this with a lot of live event. It's much easier to fill in event with single speakers. Then it is panelist and I never done. Solis Behemoth Four. But I've been on panels before and I've been doing conference calls. We used to do this thing via the phone. I will get on speak much like it was a radio broadcast people who are calling in also via the phone. They would listen to me at a book. At the time I was very familiar with the content but on the other hand I had no idea what I was doing or what it was actually going to be like and this event. It wasn't really organized. She didn't walk me through the process. I was good at the skills that I had. The event promoter just assume that I was going to be able to get up there and speak by myself. I wasn't luckily a friend of mine. The air guy named Eric Sievers. You may have seen some of his. Ted Talks read some of his books. He was in the music business with me at the time. So he and I got in front. This group together heeded the heavy lifting and by that I mean he shared the stage with me. I was doing as much talk in his Derek. Was We're going back and forth with each other? It was a cool event. It wasn't like I was just hanging there in the sidecar but having him there enabled me mentally to organize my thoughts. It gave me more confidence because there was more or less like a panel. And tell you this story to say this if you are nervous about getting in front of a crowd. This may be an option for you since that time. I have organized and promoted a lot more events than I've spoken ad and I can tell you that this happens all the time. People want to come in as a package deal. They want business partner. Sometimes they'll won a spouse. They want somebody up there with them on stage. It also happens on radio. People are nervous about their voice going into the airways. The are nervous about people hearing them and sounding like an idiot. So they'll bring in a friend. Hey I can bring in a band with me. Hey could bring in this guy that I'm working with. He's got an interesting story does it lend me your option somewhat. You're going to a live event. People might not want to fly in the second person. You might be on your own for that but it is an option it will get you in the game and it may build your authority in a different way than you could do it on your own

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