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The ramp to a five ninety five


Your right lane I'm a cure so newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. on the warm side this weekend across South Florida will see just a few clouds overnight along your seventy somewhat of a breezy east southeast wind at about ten to fifteen miles an hour well some sunshine on Saturday highs in the low to mid eighties breezy southeast winds and partly sunny breezy southeast winds continue on Sunday lows around seventy highs in the low to mid eighties with updates around the clock on south Florida's severe weather station and the weather channel's marks of it when he's ready of six ten W. why would beat today's the first day of Florida's thirty day stay at home order to mitigate the corona virus outbreak the order issued by governor to Santa supersede similar orders already put in place by local leaders people can still leave their homes for central business and activities outdoor exercise permitted as long as people avoid large groups and maintain social distancing there are now ten thousand two hundred sixty eight confirmed cases of covert nineteen in Florida and one hundred seventy deaths earlier in the week sixty three Hillsborough County firefighters were in quarantine that number is now down to less than forty eight deputy fire chief Jason Daughtry tells news channel eight

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The ramp to a five ninety five

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