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The still serves all of us thank you from the more than four hundred thousand members of managed


To track them down wherever they go the coronavirus emergency not abating in Europe says ABC's Maggie Rulli the numbers are surging in France were in the military airlifted cove in nineteen patients out of the hard hit regions the hospitals in other parts of the country and in Italy where the death toll stands at more than fifteen thousand the pope celebrating a very quiet Palm Sunday who is she and and then upon the media training inside an empty Saint Peter's basilica Britain's Queen Elizabeth offering a message of support in a special address to the country locked down in the corona virus pandemic the ACLU says it is seeking an injunction to block part of Porter Rico's strict new curfew against the new coronavirus arguing that some of its restrictions are unconstitutional it was imposed March fifteenth it shuttered nonessential businesses in the U. S. territory ordered people stay home from seven PM to five AM unless they have to buy food or medicine this is ABC news this is a message from everyone at manta share and it's a simple one for nurses hospital staff doctors thank you thank you for what you do and may be called on to do in the days ahead and thank you first responders and grocers and everyone who worked late nights to stock shelves thank you truck drivers and delivery workers thank you caretakers of the elderly and vulnerable

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The still serves all of us thank you from the more than four hundred thousand members of managed

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