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New York Officer Placed On Modified Duty After East Village Arrest


Mehrabad zero doesn't like what he saw the video of social distancing arrest in the East Village W. C. B. S.'s Marla diamond has the story mayor de Blasio says the video was very troubling and what he saw was absolutely unacceptable this one incident troubling but there's been thousands and tens of thousands of interactions between police officers and civilians over last week's that went very well the video shows a plainclothes officer repeatedly punching and slapping a man to the ground in front of a grocery store on east ninth street police commissioner Jeremy chase says the officer Francis Garcia has been placed on modified duty and stripped of his gun and badge I was not happy with what I saw I think we are we can be better than that quite frankly the NYPD issued over one hundred summonses over the weekend to people violating social distancing rules but the brutal arrest has raised questions about enforcement in rich and poor neighborhoods

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