Ep. 503 - Who Bought Pete Buttigieg? - burst 07


Who say if you get out now before Super Tuesday you'll let the vote consolidate I'll give you VP. I'll give you secretary of state. I'll give you ambassador to whatever. Well the only way pete gets that favor then the only way. P gets to cash that in is if the candidate who offered it to him I wins the nomination then. Beats Donald Trump and wins the White House? Those two things have to happen. Otherwise peop- gave up his presidential campaign for nothing with Bloomberg. It's not quite like that. If Bloomberg was the one who said Hey. Pete get out of the race. I WANNA consolidate the moderates before Super Tuesday. I'll give you EP. I'll give you a secretary to give you whatever. If if Bloomberg somehow miraculously does win the nomination and the presidency then judge gets the political favor. But let's say he doesn't let's say he loses at any point along the way he could also say. Hey Pete by the way if I lose a buy you a Senate seat. We know that he buys political offices. He did it to the tune of one hundred million last year admitted it or two years ago emitted at during a debate. So he could always say. Hey Listen Pete I've got infinite money Bloomberg's net worth I think is upwards of sixty billion dollars with a B. He's one of the

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