Police move in on Mohawk rail blockade. Cayuga Nation leadership dispute sparks demolition in NY. Border Wall Construction Destroying Sacred Native American Burial Grounds.


This is national. Native News on Tonia Gonzalez Ontario provincial. Police vehicles officers moved in on a Mohawk blockade adjacent to a railway in Ontario Monday morning after supporters of the wet so ten hereditary chiefs remained in place despite a midnight deadline to clear the area to avoid arrest. Some demonstrators were seen being taken into custody. Dan Carpenter Chuck has more. The midnight deadline came and went in the Mohawks tied. The Naga are showing no signs of dismantling their blockade. The barricades went up more than two weeks ago in solidarity with what to attend hereditary chiefs in British Columbia after police? They're enforced an injunction against the chiefs in their supporters. Who were blocking access to a construction site for a natural gas pipeline? Other rail blockades were set up across the country paralysing rail traffic last week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for patients in dialogue but by Friday. His tone had changed. He said the barricades must come down. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police offered to pull back from the West attend blockade site but not from their traditional territory. Here's chief of the WADDEN already. We're already at that point beyond right. Now it's more like confusion Mister Trudeau has announced. you know like It's up to us but we're saying right from day one we said. Icmp vacate the area. What's what ten leaders last week? Travel to Ontario and Quebec to first nations their for their solidarity and support and to plan future strategy for National Native News. I'm Dan Carpenter. Tensions came to a head and a long standing dispute between factions of the nation. And upstate New York over the weekend. Local officials are calling on federal authorities to step in Fon golden reports in the early morning hours. Saturday police directed by council leader. Clint half town partly demolished. Eight buildings including a convenience store daycare sugar shack and the cannery. I've been involved in Cuban affairs since I was a teenager. Lena young as a spokeswoman for the faction that operated the buildings they've long disputed half towns leadership so it's been a very long time that I've been able to watch this thing grill and fortunately come to the head that it's come to an exploding such distract away. A public statement from the nation says it was reclaiming the buildings and destroying them to quote eliminate public safety issues and quote county officials called a special meeting Sunday they sent official requests to several federal entities including the US Marshall Service who they want temporarily police the Cubans. I'm pleased to hear that. They have listened to us that. They too also acknowledged. This is a serious threat to not only NATO's community but also the community has large but given the nation's sovereignty. There's not much more. Local officials can do von. Golden National Native News The US House Sub Committee for indigenous peoples of the United States is holding the hearing with the title. Trump's border wall construction destroying sacred sites and erasing tribal culture chairman. Ned Norris Jr. of the tone autumn nation is scheduled to testify at the hearing Wednesday in Washington. Dc Norris publicly called on the trump administration to protect sacred sites at the National Congress of American Indians. Recent winter session in Washington in a video taken at the event by Indians Dot Com. Norris told an Interior Department official. Construction is destroying sacred ground in Arizona and called for it to stop. The tribe is located in Arizona on the US. Mexico border the TACONA Autumn Nation and other tribes say recent construction of the border wall in Arizona has been on sacred land. Federal officials have been invited to testify. At Wednesday's hearing I'm Antonio

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