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How will coronavirus change our offices and the way we work?


This economy is going to reopen. Eventually unevenly probably sooner in some places than in others and things are going to look different right. Restaurant tables are going to be space. Six feet apart masks hopefully everywhere touches payment systems one hopes the norm and for the tens of millions of people who work desk jobs different kind of office space as well from the Workplace Culture Desk Marketplace Making McCarthy Carino has that one Ramon Peralta had his own creative agency Peralta Design and Shelton Connecticut. And he's always taken pride and his. Stylish Headquarters Beautiful Office Campus Glass Conference Room all the amenities. And of course the popular open floor plan newly imbued with a sense of danger. We may consider doing some. Plexiglass divider. You know or kind of cough shields. If you will work stations facing each other might be turned apart. The Fun Game Room re purposed into a solo office and the whole space get more frequent and deeper cleanings when his team eventually returns. Some workers have already returned offices in China run by Commercial Real Estate Company cushman and Wakefield despite a cat secaucus has been helping put together best practices for their US operations using their China experience. As a model infrared temperature checks changing the way you access the building. So you're not really touching and yet aspect of it. Voice activated elevators and another thing. Buildings will need to improve their airflow says Joseph G Allen a professor at Harvard and author of the Book Healthy Buildings if windows can be opened they should. But you're bringing more out there and you dilute anything that's an indoor air And of course if you have a partner that with enhanced alteration you can actually capture virus particles and other particles. He says current ventilation systems were designed for energy efficiency rather than to promote health. So they'll need to be adjusted to bring in more air. But maybe the biggest change will be workers who don't WanNa return to the office which Creative Agency Director Ramon. Peralta is preparing for for us and for our culture. Health is number one and if they don't feel comfortable coming in they won't have to of course allowing workers to stay home for the long-term isn't something every company can do and there are plenty of workers itching to get back to the office. I Megan McCarthy Carino for

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