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A Better Day in the Market for Cryptocurrency


Get I. Welcome to the CRYPTO podcast. Hope you're having a cracking die. You probably feeling not good. Why would you be feeling good? But why wouldn't you you're alive? You're listening to this. You got a smartphone. You've got you've roof over your head and Sti- above the clouds. It's a good diet. Why is it getting eighteen? Bet Well it's getting better because this week we saints Nas moves in the market. We SAY SOME TRENDS. Come back into play that we haven't seen for a whole We seem bitcoin cash onto a high. Yesterday I spoke with the level that I wanted to see break. That level was seven thousand. Sixteen that would set us for a higher high. And we've got that. We got a high alert. We've got a high. We've broken up. We dig it a little bit sticky around seventy six thirty seven the other live in the West but two of lost weight loss yesterday and last week as well full last matter but you know it's a positive thing we're moving in the right direction. Even won't be slow. We still moving in the right direction and pretty hard to Be disappointed about. That's a Bitcoin as it stands Josh before we get to. The close of recession is currently sitting right now. At seven thousand four hundred eighty three cup nearly five percent which is really nice to see onto a theory. A number two in our top ten amok calf really climbing caught significantly today. Bitcoin being a pretty deep pretty dominant. If they're now having run up to that level I spoke of a guy in the last couple of weeks. One thousand four thirty five. We tapped it right on the NOGGIN. And we pulled back since. Then and county of one point four percents so little little weight run there on a theorem suspected to use that one ninety four thirty five level we are at one eighty five spot six one right now except a pretty slow against but still creeping up. It's two point two six percent up. Nineteen point two cents pretty solid wise looking to get above that twenty cent mark. If I'M HONEST. Bitcoin hanging in there not doing a great deal. One point night sixers put on today percentage wise where two dolls node went up with two hundred thirty. Seven dollars and seventy cents. Bitcoin vase at one ninety four spot to full. It's not really much at all Point six percent a guy. Bitcoin Sipho dominating the whole top ten at this point law coin. It's two point two percent of it forty. Three Dole's flat needs to push up through forty-five really Montevideo US tools and sixty eight cents up two point one percent. It has resistance at two dollars. Seventy ite Barnet's as the candles just caused over the last twenty four hour session. We'd closed up two point. Full full percent sitting. Sixteen dollars and sixty cents.

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