Virtual Private Networks with Orchid CEO Steven Waterhouse


Please enlighten our audience I've known you for a long time but would really just want to start with your background. And and how even fell into Crypto fulltime and then we can get a little bit into the weeds on for could in particular. Thanks yeah I think I think you and I go back to maybe twenty fourteen or even Elia. I think we met L. Lunch in Miami. That weird conference. Yeah Yeah that was January twenty four January twenty four. I remember that one very clearly. I'm trippy conference for Shirt while Quickly so Especially when it was also Alison more tricky for me. So I I got into a Probably about a year before I met you and slide along twisted path of Do lots of different kinds of entrepreneurial things Since I moved to the states in ninety seven Technical background which diem speech recognition and machine learning and the first time. I got into anything. Decentralized distributed was Assam after the sauce. Those engineering and we thought building. Paedophilia frameworks assist Jackson. And then Started working on the launch aid. Started STORES SUBSEA IDEA WAS. Maybe we would want to data for a long time on. That was a weird time buds. That's disturb store systems What should he out out to? The number of different careers ended up. Full Truss Where I would Property Fund and cited. Everyone do financials and then decided to do something else. So Cabrera said when he come back in a few weeks ago and I came back with Bitcoin was chatting a good friend of mine. Shore Connor about storm different things. That were interesting. Well and and he said Yeah. That's interesting We've been looking at that of grasping looking at that and friends of winces and Sir We started this little soccer projects on the side project a little bit bigger and then in. May and we brought in animal head initial idea was we just do this all at SAF waitress digital gold by Nathan talks about this history but in September. October idea The claim was Kinda Gone. Crazy and Just designed to cause lucile sent back. You guys don't want to do it in house and Sudan. I took off and Tara and Three and a half his life as the being. Vc was but personas. I just thought that You're GonNa do something significant county public something. That's like the Yongle us today. Sean of success and I found it very different thing. I'm the next acted and really messed Stott Wells So it was nice leave and then think through why I want to do not extend that especially not talk and talk a little bit about the The design of the season. You know what what the overarching goals of of this network are. And how a project that was born really in the euphoria and and and heights of Mania in mid late twenty. Seventeen what steps you've taken to bear down. Focus on actually delivering this network and and ultimately where you see things going now that the token is trading and you are named net attempting to scale our Think appearances can be deceptive. So so the idea actually a started in late twenty sixteen. Always don't team mum Avatar on a little. Bit of a hiatus from from crypto. But an interesting thing happens personal. I was looking at privacy and security and Looking ideas around something like open. Ai FOOTFALL SECURITY TECHNOLOGY GETS MODEST. People get funded somehow. I'm just really bad. Down on fundamental ideas of how you could rebuild Systems the data that had security as privacy as default rather than Later because if you look back at the way we did us out insecurity And Right now. We're all concerned about privacy. And so a collie layer on And then I'll phone voted so like a number of people in the spice. Someone Might Sir get my phone on. Take my keys on recovered. Rapidly formats Background onto SARS able to cycle. Psychologically or your keys actually Compromised now they. They want a lot of things and I mash to kick people out of stop. Sorry got control the longest thing. I've email and twitter Alabama councils and so was the longest thing was my phone number back from rising because data Show just give you a somewhere else getting back. Ads approved that I was meeting proved that I was in third thing. Maybe I've been face from your phone voters out. I do not much about security now something that I as I said the other day. What's your one thing recommend to somebody who's coming into the industry on just like protection. Stop because we need to so ellie twenty seventeen after that phone voting in two thousand sixteen. I was just really motivated to do something like this. I was like some kind of like siphoning off the seat and just get on us So I thought ideals and the VPN space just seemed really strange and messed up to me begins. Have this thing even today so I should die while this use of course now I say okay but in the past I would say well. I know the guys here. I don't know the guys are stories about these guys. These guys ask how such engines before Google as far much like mealtime wasn't interested and then finally had Google and and also sounded like about how loss began. Companies are sell aggregated data. They say they log but attendance do as kind of strange things and having a bit of a hiatus from his I started to open to allow And he really turned me onto what was happening with column. Which was the first I are? Y'All see twenty enabled systems and focused focused on distributed bandwith to so different but general data that during district continuing were for rendering software I thought the same thing was the cans and on his reasoning. He realizes that will what you really want to do. Is also enable multi layer. All these things maybe WANNA thinks through. How attack would work and so it's not to meet up with my found. Us especially by Prime Fox. Jay Freeman who buildouts DEA is not see GIO Magazov sounds built out the whole security framework for him so that cool team We were off to the races. I guess and Garnish support in June of twenty seventeen butts lag. A lot of things I was I was it. Was Kinda. See to underestimate the height. I was really thinking I surprised. By how fast the ICS space boomed and And I wasn't surprised by how soon collapsed but at some the way we've stayed focus is really focus on a mission. Our mission is to create a more open on private Internet There's a lot of layers to that commission. we're not just focused on this one with when we does a company that has a project product mortgage company. The network is off. Was the project would do now. We may do other ones but General Mission is to privacy tools really enable in providence and so we will consider adding application. That's what naval out and I think really that's call mission on thinking across us has to level heads when everything else has been going. A little strange

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