Appeals court effectively reinstates ban on most abortions in Texas


York a federal appeals court has effectively reinstated a ban on most abortions in Texas during the corona virus pandemic NPR's Sarah McCammon reports that reproductive rights groups have been battling with Republican officials from Texas over whether the state can ban the procedure as part of a larger effort to preserve medical supplies for health facilities treating cold at nineteen Texas is one of several states where Republican officials have tried to ban most abortions during the pandemic and patients seeking abortions are being turned away a lower federal court in Austin has now cited twice with reproductive rights groups seeking to block the order by Texas governor Greg Abbott medical groups say abortion is a time sensitive procedure that should not be delayed and now for a second time a three judge panel of the fifth circuit court of appeals in New Orleans has again sided with Texas saying the state can ban most abortions the two to one decision includes a narrow exception allowing abortions for pregnancies approaching the state's twenty two we

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