Interview With AI Pioneer and Startup Advisor Steve Ardire


A little bit about me if you WANNA give me A. I can give you a quick capsule and what. I do so so I've been Advising startups for twenty five years the last seven squarely in the a I think in multiple areas everything from Enterprise Ai I've kind of moved up the stack from you know you know the plumbing side of things up to applications in different spaces in the healthcare space in in hr and then tackled entertainment. So Ho- sprinkling of verticals and And I typically lock onto early stage a soccer startup so I have an affinity for underappreciated underestimated underdog startups where I can come in and give a turnkey the Liverpool which is rare for advisors. I can come in and help shape. Their business strategy product market fit put together their pitch get it funded so these are typically anywhere from some crazy but typically see seed stage from one to three million funding and then get to the fun part which is a operationalizing the tactical execution. Which is going to market. You know for a customer engagement and partnerships very cool. So you're you're a busy man very busy and you know typically it's interesting You know I should have done this earlier in my career but About four years ago many actually five years ago I decided my wife has horses. She has a stable of horses less now so I decided to put together a stable over a startup parts. My Palm Acros. You know Anywhere from six to eight and some of them will more intense gigs on the ones. We're just you know you know maybe four to eight hours a month and And it was interesting because I mean that's really how the play the game It's a numbers game. And you know you want horses that you know are GonNa win place or show and that's the way it is. I mean no matter how you slice it nine hundred ten Safra Safra startups. Whether they're a are not Fail to numerous reasons so so I mean you try to get a little more discerning and with the experience picking the right horses but space on. I mean it's the toughest one because You're not quite there. You may have some. You know early adopter. Traction you've gotta get you know to a Commercial Bible product. It's difficult but the good news is that today with the open source cloud services The whole cost of standing up software startups. It'd be have a compelling application You know that's kind of you know outside the gun side of the big players. And you can. You can feel it. You know you can feel your Deployment Pretty Pretty smartly. You have a much better chance so my new mantra That is even recalibrated. Is I think for a lot of startups especially in the price of space using conversational. Ai and I'll give you an example. One that I'm doing as As they co-ceo co-founder you have a great chance to do with no more than five million funding. You know get to five million in sales and you've kind of twenty five million you know exit strategy the executes more excellent so And I like the The the horse metal. I'M GONNA continue to go with that so go go at that. Yeah Yeah with your You've interacted with a lot of companies. And you know you talked about how you know you sort of continued to sharpen your own framework for how you evaluate them and think about them you know with what are some of the criteria that may be makes you think One start another is a secretary rather than a like another Mr Ed. Yeah so the number one criteria is is your team in fact V. CS put awaiting of seventy percent criteria on your team. Now the interesting thing about it is you know outside in rural areas. Like where you are. When you're not really rural but off the beaten path you know the big cities right where you have the preponderance I don't really get a lot of funding from I think the Silicon Valley Bloom is off the roads And there's a lot of fly over country areas You know wherever you have a university or it doesn't you know you've got a viable Ecosystem the springboard and But the key thing is recruiting the right team and I'll give you a tangible example rather than talking in the abstract so we're The timing I think is propitious. But we're standing up a pallet behavioral health offers a service called signal action a dot com and It's all targeted for a health care and human services for good now. Now we didn't really you know we have this thing going a few months ago before the club in nineteen but the feedback and the timing couldn't be better. Because you know the problems that are GONNA BE MANIFEST. So we're targeting substance use and abuse opioid addiction and then the other bucket is the mental health. Depression suicide for most people don't realize the enormity of the problem the economic impact of addiction and mental illness. You know globalise. Nearly trillion dollars a year two hundred people a day die from the audit diction One in five adults experience mental illness and mental health issues. And it's going to increase now because of the pandemic issues right. So that's GonNa bump up illit is it often includes children higher. I didn't believe this. The district one in six youth Eight sixteen seventeen is mental disorder. Depression now will be leading cause of disability. What we're trying to do is Is Address Through behavioral Using machine intelligence To help us overcome obstacle you know to leading the healthier happier less so conversational interface like do voice on and so forth is just one ingredient of that a new need the other ingredients that were Inner leading into the into the into the product mix that that happened to a patient behavioral pattern recognition empathy bidirectional patient interaction. The ability do a glean real time by the fine detection. You know have a semantic patient modeling component and then you know the the metrics on the trend analysis. You're importing so we're just in the early stages of standing up a proof of concept in May and and and then deploy and so the is after that get deployed an MVP worth earlier doctors. You know targeting rural hospitals and clinics because those are the underserved markets and we have a killer team so comes back to the team Very Lane as far as you know. The CO founders. But we have a really impressive list of advisors in in healthcare in in In patient experience In you know design strategy. So we're feeling pretty good about

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