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Philadelphia - 5 more coronavirus deaths in Montgomery County


There have been five more deaths in Montgomery County connected to the corona virus bringing the total to thirty two there have been a total of about thirteen hundred positive cases county officials say they could be nearing the peak playbar W. suburban bureau chief Jim network reports what kind of commissioner valor Chriss modeling shows the county could be entering its peak but she says she is optimistic for the state of Pennsylvania as a whole what we're seeing in our numbers and what we're hearing from our local hospitals tells me that the vast majority of you are really doing a good job with staying home that it is making a difference here but she says that can unravel quickly if people stop listening to stay at home orders those of you who are young and healthy and think that you can go out it doesn't really matter that's just not true because you could be carrying this virus you can you could be contagious and not realize it and you could if in fact somebody else Marcus says thirty four of the seventy five long term care facilities in Montgomery County have been hit by the virus with one hundred forty cases among residents across those facilities and fifty three cases among staff

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