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Nerd wallet presents money questions the lightning round here we go Carroll how can people


In the sometimes salty addressed to the crew Monday morning acting navy secretary Thomas Moseley said captain crozier deserved to be fired I think that information was going to get out into the public in this information age that we live in a pretty stupid to be the commanding officers of like this the crew did not agree and mostly dealt with them too saying bye cheering the captain when he departed the aircraft carrier last week they were overlooking their most basic duty to defend U. S. interests Molly also told the crew the captain betrayed them he was trailed cast with me in a command with you with eight hundred to a thousand people or your shipmates on store right now busting their **** every day to do what they need to do to confirm what they do all day to get you guys off here the shipmates are being transferred to shore in Guam while those who have the corona virus are getting treatment still many crew members must remain on board to keep it and its many functions operational if that matters he won't notice but in my view your captain lost sight of this information about your status intentionally to draw greater attention to your situation some democratic members of Congress including members of the house and Senate armed services committees say acting secretary moblie should be removed after he unloaded on captain crozier for sounding the alarm about the coronavirus representative Elaine Luria herself a navy veteran tweeted that defense secretary mark esper should immediately fire mildly senator Richard Blumenthal concurred and said nobody should be removed unceremoniously while several other members of Congress suggested that moblie simply should resign

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Nerd wallet presents money questions the lightning round here we go Carroll how can people

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