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MN has lowest coronavirus infection rate per capita


Governor wall says Minnesota has one of the lowest cost of coronavirus infection rates in the country but the residents must not get complacent and just seventeen cases per one hundred thousand residents in my wall says the state testing is higher than other states the numbers are not enough to provide a true picture of the extent of the virus's spread he also says he's preparing to extend his stay at home order which runs through Friday he hopes to make an announcement on that of the next day or two that the extended order will likely run through the end of April major cities like Chicago New York Detroit Milwaukee and New Orleans are all reporting an overwhelming number of African American residents making up over nineteen deaths Minnesota does not look that way but health officials say it's an important piece of data the study about three quarters of both cases and deaths are white six percent of cases are black four percent Asian and one percent native American what's concerning to M. T. H. is that self reported data and a significant portion fourteen percent of cases are listed as unknown or missing commissioner Jan Malcolm says underlying health conditions and access to health care statistically affect communities of color disproportionately burden of over nineteen is not fall evenly or

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MN has lowest coronavirus infection rate per capita

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