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These are some good back to ones that we and our listeners have found useful to sort of set in place to make all of this a little easier and as we were leading off the number one thing. I put something on the facebook group which you should join. Everyone is sharing really good resources and information there and I would like you to go to facebook dot com forward slash. Whatever shell cast like the page joined the group and one of the things that people are talking about the leadoff issue is the Diet thinks so I thought we would start by trying to make anxiety a little easier and I have a couple of things that are helping my anxiety amy. Hopefully you have a couple. Should I lead off with mine? Yeah tell us first of all time and I will say I feel like we're out on the leading edge a little Bit New York so I can say I feel like I've come over the anxiety. I'm flattening the anxiety curve. I think is what I'm saying like the beginning for me was three o'clock cold sweat wakeup really scared. All the time and I will say like the time has calmed me down a little bit which is hopefully helpful to someone. Who's maybe a little bit later on the curve than me but the number one thing that I have cut down on is the constant refreshing of twitter and other forms of social media and like looking at are they epidemiological charts. There is something comforting about refreshing them every six seconds but I have found just stepping away from them is the better choice. I am very behind you. I'm still nearing my peak of being single. Most well informed person about it in the Western Hemisphere. You want to know anything about anything. I definitely just checked twitter and I can tell you all about it. That's your safe-space though. Like information is your safe-space. Yeah I would gently offered to you that in the same way that I was sick to my husband. I need to check the charts because I'm in charge of this like the same way. I need to keep my eye on the ground at all time in a plane to keep the plane flying correctly. I mean I need to check the charts because somehow I'm controlling. This was my mind. I think if you can cut that cord it is probably better for your mental health. You know I haven't been like I'm sleeping fine at night. I'm sleeping like a stone. I think I'm so exhausted but during the day I am perhaps a little quick to lose my patients. I certainly feel like whenever I do. My patients it is a well earned loss of patients. It is I have held my tongue eighteen times not once more but judging from the reaction on my kids faces sometimes to them. It seems like it comes out of nowhere and I suppose that's sort of like me spilling over is probably yeah. You're running a little hot probably. That's probably yeah. It's probably where I'm expressing it instead of a three. Am So I'm going to take the no. Yeah I would generally put in your path that less of cessive checking of the curves is probably better for you. Okay you can put that down. There are some really smart people in charge of it and you obsessively checking is actually not helping in any way and might be making you more. You Know Edgy. Shall we say you know what I'm GonNa do right now with that? I'm going to take that note. Can I explain about that? Yes that's in Showbiz right. So when like the director you did a run through of act one and the directors like amy. I'm GonNa need you to start your cross to the table earlier because if you don't fluffed the pillows by the beginning of that line he doesn't have the cue to say. Why used fluffing the pillows. If I then say we have what I know but I can't do that unless he is very bad etiquette in the theater they give you a note you say okay and you take the note and you might disagree with it and you might pick it up with the director later but in the moment. You don't explain why that request of you is wrong or misplaced. Somehow you take the note. It is something I've been working on with my kids for seventeen and a half years now and it's something we can all do for one. Another right now. Take the note. It's not easy. I'm not good at it and it also always depends on your who you get it from right there. People from you can't take notes and people for Ken. I think. Opening yourself up to try to be like how can I make? This better is worthwhile. Yes other things exiled. They've been helping me. It's like the goofy breathing gifts. You know what I'm talking about. We'll just linked to UNSEE. You can see them but if you go to gifty or any gift site and you type breathing exercise. They're like visual representations of breathing in and out and I don't do great with like the lying down and the voice breathing. I don't know it bothers me My daughter finds that. Make sure she swears it makes her more nervous to listen to like meditation. Breathing tapes weirdly. I'm with her like sometimes it's like I get a wrong voice and it really agitates me but these and I have a kid who gets a little over a what do you call it. He freaks out and I have found that they work really nicely with him. They just serve. Visual representations have had a breathe for five minutes and they've been helping me a lot with my anxiousness Anne Marie who is one of our top fans on instagram and facebook. She mentioned this grounding exercise that I make sure to put up on social media this week which is like fine five things you can see find four things you can hear. Find three things you can smell you know. Find four things you can touch. Whatever it's I'm getting the specifics of it wrong. But it's basically that go through each one of your senses and do a full inventory of everything you're able to hear right now in an immediately grounds you. I've tried it works really well. That's like take the note thing for me because often these things sound so to quote a meese grandma tweet tweet demand like I really don't have time to count the things I can say. I'm way to busy keeping the world going with my mind but I think it is helpful and I always know it's helpful but in times like this I found like oh. I actually really need to spend some time. Every day not holding the scary at bay by scrolling twitter but spending some time in some sort of state of mindfulness or roundedness. And like if you know me. I can't believe my tongue didn't just fall out of my head when I said that but it's been helping me and I would highly recommend it. Revenge the upside down right now in every way I know well we are in the upside down and the other thing that is my touchstone in. This is in terms of like my problem. Which is maybe not everyone's problem with anxiety is like holding it away from me like it's too scary to think about so I let it. Just become this monster in the closet and I go about my day like say day busy. Scroll twitter read. The chart is the curve. Bending and one of the things that I work on and I work on this with my anxious. Kids is like let's name it. What's The scariest thing that will happen? And we've talked about this previously so I won't linger on put like go through it. What are we scared of? You know. There's a related article? I'M GONNA put a link on the Shenoy to this episode at what Russia PODCAST DOT COM or. They might be in your operate now. You can look child psych named Helen. Dodd what an article for the conversation about this whole moment and she points out that free play for kids. It's essential in this moment that free play without us telling them what to do that. We really should take a step back. It's not only okay mom. It is a fact. It's their work. You know little children and she made a point that I hadn't really considered. Which was that you may over here. You see your kids. Play acting this moment in ways. That may seem like something. You really need to clamp down on and that you shouldn't because she says that free play even about this moment can help kids make sense of the things they find hard to

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