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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave manning like


Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave manning like doctors on the White House coronavirus task force a new data suggest social distancing has been working to combat the virus Dr Anthony found she is expressing cautious optimism as is New York governor Andrew Cuomo who says the number of deaths statewide has been less than six hundred for four consecutive days in addition New York hospitals are seeing fewer critically ill patients needing ventilators the governor says he's extending the state stay home order through the end of April California is loaning hundreds of ventilators to the national stockpile NPR's Adrian Florido says it's meant to help states such as New York and Louisiana California officials have been feverishly buying and repairing thousands of ventilators for the surge of code nineteen cases the state expects in coming weeks governor Gavin Newsom says the eleven thousand on hand are enough to meet the state's needs for now and more on the way so he's learning the federal government five hundred ventilators to be deployed to places on the verge of running out like New York the responsibility the moral and ethical responsibility of providing resources in real time to those most in need that's why we thought it appropriate to send us as of Monday evening California had more than sixteen thousand confirmed coronavirus cases and almost four hundred deaths it ran forty the NPR news Los Angeles this is NPR news from Washington

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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave manning like

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