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Destiny. Hello and welcome to gaming fix. This is Frank Perkins and you're listening spent a while since we've been the air and That's been interesting I keep saying we But you know the show. I guess I've always Portalis the show just used to doing that We're still worked. We're still looking for more Hopefully we'll get some more On air hosts and people that can Talk about gaming and hopefully cover some of our Wonderful Conventions that we go to We assume that at some point in time. Of course we'll actually be able to go to conventions I know it's been about I don't know like two weeks and Originally we were off for the holiday and then last week We needed a little bit of time. I need a little bit of time to kind of figure out things in house going to get everything going. But we're here this week and Hopefully we can have a great show for you. Hope you're gonNA like it And Today I was GONNA discuss. We have a a format or we have a. We do our podcast. We have of course the. How did you get your game on? And that's not exactly with this is this is more just like. I think a lot of people you know especially right now kind of curious as to what I've been you know just like kind of figure I'd run through my day Of course I'm not recording from the studio recording from my house here bellflower and It's it's interesting Hopefully it will have the same great sound that you love from the studio but We're all making do with what we have and Hopefully you know this. You know if we can take two hours of your day if I can take two hours of your day and and give you a little bit of entertainments and maybe you can forget about this. Whole crazy thing We're GONNA focus on this thing a little bit today we're GonNa talk about covert nineteen and Some of the things that just basically like how to how to mentally deal with it or what what you can do You know obviously you know the main message. Stay at home and you're following that if you're listening to this most likely but also you know there's People. I know that are working two. And if you if you're listening to this after work then you know hopefully we can give you a little bit of a relaxing time because I know that work has been a lot more stressful lately I am I myself have been staying at home. THE ONLY TIME. I go out is for my treatments For my Dallas's but every other time I just pretty much stay here and I I I You know have to occupy my time in you know hours in the day and so that's the thing luckily right now. I have cable so I kinda I'll talk about little bit about some of that one thing that I've been doing a lot of stuff and we'll be discussing like kind of the INS and outs of how to do these things because they ended up being a topics but I have been One thing that have been doing this. This is pretty fun. Is I have a couple of friends that run Jack Box Games. Jocks is like you don't know Jack but it's It's run on the computer and they have a hosting site and basically what they can do is give you a code. You go on the hosting site and you can play the game with everybody and so it allows for Party Games a lot easier which is really nice because you know the one thing. It's a good to have especially in this situation is socialization so you can get a lot more socialization which is really good. And you know how good time and that's good buddy of mine Well I guess I don't know he you know we're cool Jaren Frankenhausen who is also a with Sky Bound Games runs it off of facebook and I wanNA play that another thing that I've been doing is with my buddies. We'll talk about Bg A which is board gaming I gotta think what it is. It's it's IT'S A board game application and Legacy. We'll have more information about that but play on that and we've been playing been playing a lot of seven wonders and Also learned to new games. I learned I had to think of the Games One of had kind of a weird name. can't think Renou it was basically. It was weird. It was explained to me really quickly. I don't know if you've ever had one of those players that just like it really feels like. They're they're teaching you how to play the game enough so that they have something to do but not necessarily where they want you to be a competitive person against them. I don't know it's feels that way. I'm not sure if If he knows exactly what he's doing because he may not and if he doesn't then that's that's understandable it happens So anyway we're I was playing in that game And it was weird because we won. I wasn't expecting that it was like. Oh don't put this that monster there and then you know I put the monster there but then I I did the right thing about you. Know making the other monster like stronger. Whatever it was. I honestly don't understand the game like I could not explain it to you the life of me. I couldn't win it because I just don't really know the reason I want. It was just by Total Fluke. So that was weird We also play. The game was a card collecting game. out space exploration. And I don't I can't remember the name of that one either. because. I've won't play these games want so it's Kinda hard to remember exactly the name until I don't write it down and I think that by listening to this Show as long as you. Have you probably come to figure out that? I'm not a board Gamer. As much as I'm a role player so it's been kind of different that way So I I did that. And then It's been really cool because I've I've had cable and I have net flicks but On cable Luckily the landlord has you know. Because they're the ones that provide the cable they have all the channels and so I was able to see some really cool shows. I've been wanting to see The first thing that I watched was. Watchmen watchmen was great. I would totally recommend. It's totally worth it. One thing I will say so that everybody knows. Is that if you go. And you watch watchmen thinking that you're going to get the graphic novel or an explanation that similar to the graphic novel so that you understand it. I would caution you about that. I think it's a good story on itself however I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if you were to watch the graphic novel or at Least Watch the movie. I and get an idea of a lot of the concepts that are being discussed because a lot of the concepts are concepts based on the movie. Because it's the show kind of takes place after the movie or after the graphic novel It's definitely several years after the graphic novel In some ways it's an alternate reality because some of the things that happened in the in the Graphic novel didn't necessarily happen in real time. So that's kind of interesting And it really focuses on It definitely talks about racial tension in America and I thought that that was An interesting part of it It discusses It has some some nice words. You might not expect. I thought I thought it was really good. I enjoyed it. it's only like nine episodes and I started watching. I watched one one day and I think one another day and then the next day I had like completely free 'cause I didn't have to go to My TREATMENT. Or anything like that. So I just I watched the whole thing like I just binged it like for the whole seven hours or whatever so yeah that was pretty cool then after that I I've been wanting to see crimes of of Grindelwald the Harry Potter Movie The are actually the fantastic beasts movie. I guess it's a wizard world movie. I guess that's the that's the overarching Harry Potter title. Now that's what. Jk rollings calls with the world. I watched it. I gotta say something about it. It didn't feel quite as as strong as as the first one it wasn't as whimsical was a lot darker It kind of reminded me of prisoner of Azkaban but I really liked prisoner this one. I don't know it's like It's it's like two hours and thirty minutes but I felt like it was. I wouldn't say it was. It didn't feel Draghi. It just didn't it almost felt too fast which is really weird because like. I said for two hours and thirty minutes. It's it's not exactly dragging It might have been a little bit shorter than that. Might have been like to fifteen or something but still it was really really. It was a long movie but it didn't feel like a long movie. It's kind of interesting that way Then I saw shaft which I really enjoyed. That's the new one where you've got Shafts Junior and then you've got to Sh- You've got Samuel Jackson. A shaft and the grandfathers played by Richard Roundtree the original shafts. Now that's a fun movie. That was that was really cool The the story line isn't like super you know convoluted or anything. It's a real simple you know show. It's funny you know. A lot of the humor is talking about You know the way that things were during that time During you win win you know shafts. The original you know when blaxploitation was really at its peak and this is You know this. This pokes fun at blaxploitation at its peak. And you know it's a lot of compare to the current Way Things are. I thought that was pretty cool If if you don't like Like if if you're kind of turned off by homophobic jokes you might not you might find it a little bit Like I feel like the jokes. You know they come from shafts about you know you know man being a man and he never really gets pit. Put into check about that concept like he has this concept of the whole thing that concept is there so it never really gets made fun of so. I thought that wasn't necessarily like some people might not care for that but I thought it was pretty good I enjoyed it. and Yeah own that I saw. I saw a bright bright burn. Now I don't know if you've heard much of a bright burn. Bright Burn is a movie about a alien is basically. It's like imagine if Superman and whore have a baby that's exactly what bright burn is. It's it's even said in Kansas and.

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