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The legislature went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court


Convoys reminder the presidential primary they're holding in Wisconsin today let's let's learn a bit about about that the Supreme Court getting involved sure they are and if you go to Pune dash newsletter dot com you can sign up for a Wisconsin newsletter that we bought a couple months ago which is been fascinating to watch these two states side by side so for weeks they had been hurting mail in voting the governor and legislative leaders could come to any sort of agreement on delaying the primary number governor yesterday cancelled the primary which earlier had said he didn't have the authority to do so than today so then the legislature went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court an appeal the government's decision the legislature won the primary will go on today and as you mentioned earlier they don't have enough poll workers and and they're going to use the National Guard to help people vote today you will be really interesting to see how much

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The legislature went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

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