Wisconsin voters to go to the polls Tuesday, despite 'stay-home' order



You know Wisconsin is apparently the only one of eleven states were able primaries that's going to have in person voting meaning you have to get out of your house where you've been told to stay and go to a place in public where you've been told to avoid stand in line to touch things other people have been touching all the other ten of either delayed their primaries are shifted to by mail only voting but not Wisconsin and it went right down to the wire they're still trying to figure this out last night how they're gonna handle all this so we want to get a handle on it find out what's going on what is the latest what this means for Wisconsin and the voters there so let's bring in correspondent with me while good morning morning here Michael well what it what do you know what's the latest in terms I I guess this is as far as we know it's still happening today isn't it yes that's correct so basically the last ditch effort by the Democratic Party in Wisconsin if you appeal to the state's top health official her name entry appall mainstage you know please if you cannot shut this down it similar to what the top official in Ohio did when court said look you've got to go on with your primary so we will find out I would if you're within a matter of minutes if not hours if that changes anything but at this point everything is going on at the White House several months ago if there had been no corona virus that are plowing forward Michael yeah we're gonna be hearing about the selection for a long time because I have a feeling no matter what happens not so much in the presidential primaries I think that's probably a safe bet that Joe Biden whose health held a pretty wide lead in the polls will will do well but in terms of all these local elections that are taking place is this going to be controversy because you know what the side that's not on top is going to say well this was all screwed up people didn't know until the morning of if it was even going to happen and we're being told to stay home afraid to go out you have the National Guard there because you don't have any poll workers who will show up I mean this this doesn't seem like it's going to be a clean election eight it really depends on who you ask so it's you know somebody that people who are advocating for continuing forward with the Primeira merry at a knowledge you've got a perfect situation but they feel like this is the best option to proverbial ready of the elections that they say look you can't have thousands upon thousands of absentee ballots rolling and even days and days after the election I think this is organized you have to go forward with the plan as it originally was to preserve the integrity of the election as you point out people who want to move the primary state how can you ask people to choose between their health and their I have no ability to do their like that officials so it really depends on who you ask I think everyone acknowledges eat a pretty awful situation and it's actually one of the reasons that the DNC it back when Ohio had seen very similar chaos for an entire day back and forth whether or not the election is going to happen she said yeah he said it we have to try to avoid these chaotic situations and hope and ensure that voters feel confident in the process so to that end don't move these primaries at the last minute but instead put more effort into giving voters an alternative way to about that with the official work but the DNC and I think finally Michael what's really interesting about the stories that showed how differently the party's function on the state level so here in Wisconsin it would be big Republican push to try to keep the primary place in Ohio the Republican governor who wanted to move it the DNC again saying they don't want to see these last minute changes so you're it's really hard to draw party line parallels of opinion between all of the state and all of these different situations so I actually think that that's one of the more interesting things to watch how how differently these local elections play out in the consequence the technician Michael and then you have the governor there governor Evers who had kept saying I don't have the authority to just move the election or or change it but and he tried to do that yesterday through this executive order delaying the primary until June in less he and the legislature got some other deal going and then at that that ends up before the state Supreme Court which says forget that you're gonna hold the thing that went to the Supreme Court of the United States although there what there does seem to be an ideological break down because the there the Republicans control the or have the majority in the both the state and the national Supreme Court and all the Republican race you know I wanted to to go ahead and vote today so if you know you're kind of a reversal there from the governor but what's going to happen now how are they going to run this thing are are all the polls polling place is going to be open well there are limited polling places in in certain areas where he is so for example I think in the Milwaukee area there will be five polling places opened so with limited polling but the they are allowing absentee ballots to move forward on it they were postmarked by Tuesday so there is that option but yeah I think it's a messy situation you're right he said the courts were rolling out these pieces are certainly split ideologically and beat it's so similar to how Ohio was trying to move back its primary there were points where people would say it was unclear who had the authority to do what if you at one point but there were a lot of questions about why the governor of Ohio even went to the court to begin with if you had the executive authority to move the primary back so it is a there's a big gap back in force very similar in Wisconsin and I think at the end of the day you have attorneys or analyzing a lot they can think we can I think we can do this I think this is an Avenue and are just throwing any option basically during any options at the wall to try to figure out how to affect what they believe is the most is it the most proper outcome Michael yeah so that they had quite a few more requests than usual for the absentee ballot seventy I don't I don't have the official numbers on how many at the ballot they would normally have but as far as I know the state there had been a one point three million absentee ballots requested and I think around half a million had not yet been returned so does the number there I'm not I don't know off the top of my head now how many they would not they may not know themselves at this point because I think they're still trying to figure that out last night so just we should let our our listeners in Wisconsin though that that the absentee ballots if you're going to hand deliver them you have to do it by tonight or if they have to be postmarked today although they can arrive at the clerk's office is as late as April thirteenth the problem is that the folks are unhappy with that same with a lot of people you know they didn't even request them until you know late in the opportunity to do that and now they may not have because it not the mail is not perfectly running on time that they may not even receive them yet so they may be effectively disenfranchised there and can you look at what we got about we've got about a minute or so left and I'm just wondering if if anybody's talking about what this means for November when we have a presidential election because we may still be it will you know I I don't think this corona virus epidemic is going to be completely over it this could affect and we could be in a second wave in November what's this going to mean to voting for president you know it's really hard to say and I think part of that is because any change to the voting process to become highly politicised at that very evident by what's going on with content and Ohio so I think it's really difficult to say if there will be a monumental shift in the way that voters are given the opportunity to vote so we'll have to see it hopefully by the fall of error if you don't act unlikely that we'll have a vaccine but they will at least know more about how the virus is transmitted they'll have more resources to try to fight the virus so scientifically speaking medically speaking the landscape could be very different by November but it's far is the changes to the way people are allowed to vote if that really comes down to is the state Election Commission that we'll have to see it because the older electrical took or although I will say we were seven months out presumably to be able to come to some kind of class hi November out instead of these last minute changes because with with the primary it's pretty bad with the general election that you have people not confident in their vote in the general elections in a presidential election I mean that would have really terrifying I think

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