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As a child. Rinella grew up in a small community outside Knoxville Tennessee. Rinella was the second child. She had an older sister named flow. Anna and two younger siblings. Marcus and Robin her parents do e Annie met in college. They married after. Dewey had enlisted in the Army Air Corps. Any Finish College. Do we want a purple heart? And after the war he continued his education. So Anne worked as a schoolteacher and do he worked for the US Department of Energy so he made some good use at his time. Back in college had a masters degree in Chemistry and Physics and he was very invested in a safe storage of nuclear waste. Sounds like a smart guy. Yeah absolutely and Rinella grew up in this ideal environment. It was virtually crime free. And this was a town where she and her siblings could. Just hop on their bikes. Anytime go downtown. See a movie or use the Community Swimming Pool. It was kind of one of those pre planned communities for the nuclear power plant scientists. So the kids didn't even know what their parents position was at the company. But that's pretty much what it all revolved around but they were also religious rain. Ls saying in the choir of the Baptist Church and when she was in elementary school her classes were segregated but her high school actually became the first integrated school in the south in nineteen fifty five so at least in part because of the large population of these government scientists. Rinella schools were quite exceptional. The science were excellent of course and the children began learning a second language by the time they were in the second grade so it really gave her a lot of advantages in life her. She was always at the top of her class and was taking all the advanced courses she could. She's also in the marching band spinner weekends at Football Games drive INS and other activities common in the nineteen fifties. Yes he just watch American graffiti. That was kind of what it was like. Right right yeah. Drinking was less of a problem than in most communities because this county they lived in was completely dry. Yeah that's amazing how to combat alcohol. Well I mean if you really want the alcohol you could drive out of the county and get it sure but it's certainly made it harder on the kids in a lot of their parents didn't even have booze in the house which. I don't know about you but the first blues I had I snuck from my parents. Liquor cabinet will. It's where you get it right exactly and there's not just a dry county but a lot of lot of Baptist people and they don't look at alcohol. Is that interesting anyway now? I think it might be a no no for them completely. It certainly not encouraged note therefore remark so after high school. Rinella went to East Tennessee State University as a nursing student while they're Rinella got good grades in competed in rifle shooting. Yeah funny when you think about Ed. Just the way said that. I'm thinking here's a student right getting the grid. So but yeah. He's a marksman let's Tennessee. It's the south right and. I think there's you know more familiarity with guns in the south or is that just a a cliche. No I think that's probably true. Yeah we'll why she was there. This is when she met her. First husband. William Edward Dos it and he went by Ed but young ad had a very different childhood. He had many losses in his life. And I guess the most dramatic I would say was his mom's death. This happened on Easter morning. Nineteen fifty six when Little Edie was just eight years old and he woke up in the morning to find his mother on the floor beside his bed. Dead of a heart attack and just two months later. His Dad died from cancer. So Eddie was an orphan and he ended up moving in with his aunt. And uncle was kind of tough Lou eight-year-old cured get up in the morning and mom's dead on the floor. Can you imagine it's just? It's horrible so he had a much rougher upbringing then ray Nella dead but he was just a real go-getter and as a child. Everyone said he was exceptionally kind in high school. He played some football but he also worked on the school newspaper and he was a member of several clubs. Once he was in his senior year he was given the award for the Best School Spirit. Then he went to college on a football scholarship and he continued to date his high school sweetheart in his freshman year. Everyone thought these two would get married but then he met right now at college in broke up with the girlfriend not an unusual phenomenon. Guess so ED graduated with a business degree. He and Renault got married when she was a senior in college. Now the story I always liked Nell is mom. She didn't approve of that and she apparently knew how to hold a grudge. But she didn't speak to Ed for the first thirteen years of their marriage. Well that's serious grudge holding right. Guess so you really love my mother-in-law. She doesn't talk to me. But when you look at the big picture it kind of makes you think Did Rain Nella get some of that kind of personality from holding grudges or well at decided? He wanted to be a lawyer and he started taking classes at the University of Tennessee Law School in Nineteen Sixty nine ray. Nella began working as a nurse after she graduated in nineteen seventy two at graduated from law school. He had inherited his family's farm. Both of his parents were deceased so he would call himself a farmer and a country lawyer. But it's funny he always said I'm a farmer I and a lawyer second even though he would really end up being very successful as a lawyer did a good job. He had quite a career absolutely really popular as well. It worked in criminal defending people in need. Yeah he liked to help the poor people. Then in nineteen seventy eight. Renaudot gave birth to their first child. Maggie dice it and they then moved to the family farm. Young family lived in a mobile home on the property. As Ed built a new house they worked hard. He built the house entirely from lumber from his own trees. He had an architect who designed the home and he had a contractor friend who advised him on how to do things but basically he built this place. So that's pretty impressive to me. Sure is in nineteen eighty two. When a district attorney general retired decided to run for that job and the funny thing is once. He entered the election. His mother-in-law had a change of heart. Suddenly Ed was an okay guy. Who's now worthy of my attention right? Which really got crate? But she enjoyed this attention and she would be photographed with him at campaign events as much as possible. But Ed took it in stride you now. That's my mother-in-law. Whatever I'm going to be nice to. Everybody and Rinella was a good wife. She was working really hard to help them with this campaign. So it's not like they were on the outsor- anything. The marriage was really good for a long time. And when Ed Din win this election the family celebrated the local. Sheriff gave Ed a five shot. Pistol telling him now. He needed a gun to protect himself. Because he's putting away bad guys and they might come after him but that wasn't a gun guy then the next year at an Rinella had a son William Edward Dawson Junior. So now the family had big Edie and little Edie Ed had a secretary named K and she was married to a guy named Steve Walker and the two couples K. In Stephen Ed. Ray Noah were friendly and they did some socializing from time to time when K had a son who they named Kevin in nineteen eighty four. She left her position and ED's office and Henry now had a third child whose name Katie born in nineteen eighty five so rinella never visited the walkers but ed ended up spending a lot of time there and you might ask why they spent a Lotta time why. He spent a lot of time there because he was screwing k. Well I'm just thinking you know. Things must have been not perfect with he and Rinella by then if he's out having an affair her maybe he was just bored who knows but K. was very fond of him and that's part of the issue. A lot of people think K. Was really in love with Ed. But he wasn't going to leave rain Allah and we don't know if that's because it wouldn't look good if he was afraid of her. Maybe we don't know. But then in nineteen eighty AK had a second son who she and her husband named Kyle and although her husband Steve Did know about it until years later kyle was actually Ed's biological child the product of this affair kind of love child. We didn't know about birth control too. Well I'm sure there was some knowledge of it but who knows. Maybe she wanted to have a baby kinda nasty to pass it off as her husband. Well I don't know Dick. I almost think it's kind. Maybe you don't agree with me but I almost think it's kind of a kind decision. What good is it going to do their family now? They have two sons. What good is it if she tells her husband? The son is not biologically yours and maybe she didn't even know one hundred percent. That's a possibility but I mean I'm just one of these people. I think sometimes not most the time but sometimes holding back. A harsh truth can be an act of love controversial. But it's how I feel I'm GONNA leave it at that okay now. Nineteen Ninety right now retired from nursing and she concentrated on raising her children and managing the family farm. Dave Leaf was a nice man. Who's a friend of ED? And he had a pool. Nello take your children. Today's house to swim in the summer other than that. There was really no connection between Renault and Dave while they were very different people. I mean she really valued education and Dave was a high school dropout. Who worked as a barber? Not that. There's anything wrong with that but it's a much simpler job than ads. Still Dave was very likeable and well known in the community is a good guy. You know that same year ED started to have stomach pains now. He said in a board meeting for local farmers that he had the meanest away from the world. Who's trying to kill him even though he didn't smile and he said everyone's still took it as a joke. They all understood. That Renault is a real force. Probably wasn't the easiest woman to live with. Now I mean what can you say about right Allah from what we know. She was wearing the pants in her home. No matter who she was married to and you didn't want across her she could hold a grudge dislike her mom. I guess but then tragedy struck in October of nineteen ninety one because that was admitted into the hospital he thought it was just for an appendectomy but during that surgery a Denno carcinoma was found on his appendix and too small intestine so they did some further exploratory surgery and they found that he had cancer. That had metastasized to several organs. It was just all over his abdomen so there was no chance of curing him of that

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