Poll: Cost makes nearly 1 in 10 leery of seeking COVID care


The people's Democratic concerns Party about continues money and to the coalesce cost of healthcare behind the presidential could complicate candidacy states efforts of Joe to Biden reopen their economies Tuesday afternoon and tested the trace former cases vice of president the corona picked virus up the endorsement a new survey of twenty finds sixteen one in ten democratic adults presidential they cost nominee could keep them Hillary from seeking Clinton help Joe if Biden they thought has they were been infected preparing with the corona for virus the new Gallup this west moment health his healthcare entire costs life survey flight found meant Clinton that ninety spoke percent of jointly adults would on avoid a virtual seeking treatment town hall because of concerns thank about the cost you we of care are fourteen percent would avoid seeking treatment for fever and dry cough for the same reason health advocates say with so many reluctant to seek care it could create a blind spot for governors and public health officials the survey found members of minority groups young people those with less than a college degree and those making less than forty thousand dollars a year we're more likely to say they would avoid treatment for economic reasons Jennifer king Washington

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