Boston Marathon is pushed back 5 months to September


Coming the masters has been postponed golf's first major of the year was scheduled to begin April ninth with Tiger Woods the defending champ the delay may actually help him a sore back for tiger to withdraw from the last two tournaments Augusta national chairman Fred Ridley hopes to reschedule at a later date next month's Boston Marathon has been pushed back till September fourteenth the next two races on the NASCAR F. one schedules have been postponed now well all those sports will eventually resume the careers ended for college seniors when the NC double a cancel all winter and spring championships however Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma told ESPN that he would offer them an extra year of eligibility it's an unprecedented event so you have to take on president imagines I guess if you have five seniors like we do and you say love they all have the opportunity to come back well then you know what thank you want to come back god bless you I'm all for as a top sixteen team Yukon but opposed to the first two rounds of the NC double

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