Russell T Davies On Balancing Politics, Tech and a Multi-Year Family Saga in ‘Years and Years’


The BBC HBO show years and Years Combines the politics economy and tech twenty nineteen and imagine how it all might evolve over the next fifteen years. Emma Thompson is in it. As a celebrity British politician with autocratic leanings but mainly the show follows a family as they deal with the world changing around them. Russell t Davis created and wrote years and years. He's also worked on the show doctor who torchwood and created queer as folk. He said the tech in years and years is like life. It's complicated just to show good and bad. I think some of the saddest moments. It's you have a world war on television and the little five six year old kids just staring into their phones playing their games. So yes there's bad stuff but let's talk about and yet there's very very good stuff. I tell you what to do when I made the choice to said to this around a family that came from one of the good sites of current tech which is very simply the. What's up group? I'm one of three kids two sisters. They've got two kids. Each were Nice family will like each of the wicked on but up until a couple of years ago. My nieces grow up to three years ago. I would've text them twice. Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas now. Oh my God. I went out the other night and I came back to the WHATSAPP group to fifty three messages on the group because because someone at cooked lasagna with butternut squash so yes. There's good stuff if you choose good ride the badge and they could right. You've got to get both because in the end. It's the technology it's it's the people. Well it's great because some of the tech feels really immediate like a headband. That projects a holographic sort of snapchat filter for your face that everyone can see in the physical world. It's futuristic but it's also completely realistic. Yes yes I think it was invented tomorrow. We'd all go and buy one. I mean I find this fascinating. I mean everyone my age. Everyone sends each others photos of themselves looking like a dunk. It will not count rash of instagram. Filters like what dog are you or what Keiko you. I'm certainly a Battenberg. I love those filters and I'm fascinated by the way we love those filters and so the moment someone events a filter you can see in the real world not just on your phone dot com. I will be new for my palace on the moon. Do you have conflicting feelings about tack or is it like so many things where it just reflects? The real world has interesting. I think it's both I think I have to be entertaining but entertain doesn't mean being glib or dust. I think I'm getting older. I think my stuff is full of warnings. Now to be honest it's funny. I'm now in the middle of an eddy of my next drama. Which is we'd each be. Oh Max over there which is about the AIDS crisis of the nineteen eighty s and leaked just watched an idea of an episode warning about viruses and we step out above. Does this virus on the loose? You can't them those lessons from History Indus- strangers no what a world. I was telling people that I'm taking a little bit of comfort in darker timeline but there is something comforting about the passage of time right like you fast forward in these episodes and increasingly terrible things happen but also people are still living their normal lives. Talk to me about that sense of perspective. Yes that's right. I mean it's it was quite hard. Showed a salad sleep with its concept of moving forward in time every episode moves forward a year but actually I sat there and saying doubt dry being questioned by fifty seven times set. That didn't know what else moves forward a year every episode Downton Abbey and so did upstairs downstairs many years ago. It's actually not former drummer. Have invented a sippy by this jobs. Going to the future by a year every absurd that had people scared but in terms of trauma tens of how the characters are getting on lobs. Who who's going out with? Who WHO's cross with? Who who loves to to take yearly jumps in that? It's a very simple dramatic device so I knew that would work. I had the confidence of those. Those full beds to say This'll work and and that sort of creep into the story. Which is that would winner. In in societies when dictators arise all where huge changes are made and and West Society swing from left to right or right to left. It doesn't happen overnight. That's why I wanted. What ends up fifteen year span on the show is social these things slowly creeping up on you and you're more concerned with having tea or for your love or have a good divorce. That's actually the stuff the meat and drink of your life while the biggest shadows falling on new unseen so a needed that stretch to show small picture of people living in a bigger picture

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