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The podcast that I want to share with you. Today is actually a recording of the final speaker. And this is Brian Romley. And if you don't know Brian Brian is the man that actually came up with the term voice I he has often been referred to as the Oracle Voice. He has been referred to as Thomas as the modern day. Thomas Edison. You'll hear similar introduction when I introduced him here on the on the podcast and in the recording from the Webinar but when we started talking there were so many interesting ideas that came out of this and we got to the end of the Of the women are the people that were attending. Were requesting that I turn this into a podcast and I was delighted to be able to do that. Brian was a very happy for me to share this as a podcast as well so I think you're in for a real treat. Brian Talks about some of his ideas of his visions. For what a world is GONNA look like using voice technology after this corona virus pandemic? So like I said. I think you're in a real treat so I'm going to share this Webinar with you right now and I'll be back Afterwards with some concluding comments so enjoy this discussion. This fireside chat with Brian. Romley as some of you will know. I'm a big fan of Brian Brian. I had become a friends through meeting each other at a couple of conferences. Brian Romley is You may have heard some of the names that he's been given the Oracle a voice modern-day Thomas Edison. He's always working on something in his garage. That is absolutely fascinating. And one of the things that Really really impresses me. Brian is his ability to bring knowledge from all different areas for example Computer Science Anthropology. History Medicine it goes on and on and on and Brian is able to take this all in synthesize. This and his views in my mind are absolutely incredible. I don't know US describe it and when Brian Speaks I listen. And so it's with absolute pleasure and excitement that I get to have. Brian share some of his thoughts with all of you on this Webinar spry. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you Terry It is it is really wonderful to be here and sorry about the Satellite Connection. It's not always perfect You know I don't know solar flares sometimes something no problem no problem. I'm glad that we've got this connection here. So that's good we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA use the audio and we're GonNa go with that so Brian as I was just saying I you know I I love to hear your take on all these things and I guess my first question to you is. Where do you see voice? Making the biggest impact in times like these journal. Well that's a great question. It's really more of a universal question. And we can kinda jump around and some of the ideas primarily. I think we're GONNA see every design of of public interaction surfaces We're GonNa see things that interact with voice and maybe Over the air hand gesture type things and also your own device becoming an interface whether it be actuated through voice or touching your own glass screen to open doors to choose locations in elevators All number of situations like that You know opening car doors. People are going to become galvanized with the thought that there could be a dangerous virus maybe years maybe decades afterwards spent a lot of time studying the nineteen eighteen pandemic and Read a tremendous amount of newspaper articles over the last almost sixty days now and most of it is not on the Internet. Unfortunately a lot of it's on microfiche and microfilm so Very fortunate I have that and have microfilm microfiche reader and I've been able to dive into the mindset of what happened post pandemic and there is always going to be a post pandemic right so we start looking at what is going to change in society and one of the things have changed in society post nine hundred. Nineteen eighteen pandemic was how people interacted in public and touch surfaces And some of its stood for a long period of time and some with short term. So we have that at has specked do want to dive into more elements of this sure. Yeah please I love to hear your thoughts on this. I know I know you've been looking at the The one thousand nine hundred and nine hundred nineteen pandemic and you've been looking at some of the similarities and for those people that didn't see it. You should look in Brian's twitter feed because he he outlined all these different ways that our society is going to change. So I'd love to yeah dump it. Jumped Gentleman explained some of those ideas and how that relates technology again. Voice is going to be sort of hovering over a lot of these things and then we can sort of drill down one of the things they discovered it was copper. Surfaces had a an immediate response to D- vitalising deactivating. Because you can't really kill a virus necessarily I mean a virus isn't really alive. You can vitalize deactivated. And I'm sure you can dive into that Terry a little bit more on the medical side but It requires human DNA to actually actuate and certain minerals And certain metals divide allies Viruses and bacteria On something that is called contact kill. Contact kill has been widely known for literally. Hundreds of years We can go all the way back to Sumerian times and the use of silver utensils and copper utensils There are a lot of reasons for that in lots of folks. Don't want to dive down. The cargo cult a concept of this but a lot of folks saw more educated and perhaps more wealthier individuals using gold silver and copper implements Specifically for preparing food and things of that nature and he said well that must be a sign of wealth when in reality a lot of these folks not all of them a lot of them did understand that these implements plates cops Gaba coblets Forks knives actually killed viruses and bacteria and made their food a little bit more presentable A lot of the food was a necessarily presentable in ancient times especially as we went Through the Middle Ages so copper is known for a long time post. Nineteen eight thousand nine hundred twenty pandemic copper saw a revitalization sometimes used as brass brass has tremendous momentum copper if made correctly copper surfaces if cared for correctly. Even if not cared very correctly still does quite a good job. Individualizing viruses Why is that a big deal? I think we're GONNA go. Obviously we discover some of this. I've tried diligently to help people discover it and some people get angry because you know you know this particular virus may last up to six days on cardboard but you know copper might take four hours to kill it or something like that ridiculous like that reality is. It's much faster. There's much better. Research for hours is is on the far side and again. I'm not trying to give anybody medical advice. Not Trying to say consume everything in copper or anything of that. Nature for example copper is highly toxic if used with something acidic or highly astringent Copper is great for water and water only to drink from not beer or whiskey. So if I understand correctly what they mean you're look at this pandemic that happened a hundred years ago and he looked at some of the patterns. And you've been studying how that can suggest ways for us to deal with the issues that we're having right now And so that's one good 'cause I've seen that now in the media that that's been picked up from somewhere and more and more people are talking about how you having having copper services seems to as you talked about. Devitalized the virus. What about in terms of like getting back to the voice side of things. What do you like? I know that for example There's a lot of talk now about making activated devices. And you've seen the high the headlines from China Voice activated elevators and you talked about cars. Are there other places where you see? We're having an impact. What one final note on copper and I hope it helps. Anybody has a medical background. That's listening to me All patient beds all patient. Touch surfaces at hospitals in my view should have copper alloy coding period end of story

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