Find alternate routes, as the West Seattle Bridge remains closed


Well as we work with the indefinite closure of the west Seattle bridge you need to find yourself a new way to get around that closure and unfortunately that lower Spokane's street bridge that is supposed to be reserved for essential travel like transit and freight in emergency responders so use the route instead like the First Avenue south bridge to help you get over the water I would like Stevens we have some road work that's taking place an eastbound two oh four is fully closed at twentieth you will be detoured around the area using both twentieth and highway nine and this work is going to be taking place until about one o'clock this afternoon take note that sounder north line service is currently suspended throughout the rest of the day and tomorrow due to a landslide in North Seattle for using charter buses to help you get through there and some current travel times when went to Seattle or limited value at sixteen minutes south center to Bellevue fourteen minutes federal way to Seattle twenty two minute

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