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Trump's Campaign 'Stunt' At Daytona 500


Country to be with all of you at the great American race okay so president trump shows up at the big day Daytona five hundred and I I'm not even joking when I say I'm one hundred percent serious when I say that is the single greatest publicity stunt ever pulled off by a president of the United States okay man that's a pretty tough one and you know on the fly I'm trying to think of different one so I can't put up a fight did he buzzed Daytona five hundred in Air Force freaking one they did that what's what's cool yeah it is awesome yes and then of course the race gets rained out and you know what everybody's making the same joke got rained out because of liberal tears yeah because suddenly now people are upset about a so called misuse of government property all this stuff sure so I guess if president Obama didn't use the beast to film an episode of Jerry Seinfeld show yeah I think whenever a sitting president visits anywhere and then there's extra security there's extra detail all of these things someone is going to rip it and say is this really the best way that we use taxpayer money that will never end but it goes to another level when it's trump and when is Daytona yeah you're saying he's campaigning I saw one of these political experts so called experts saying the thing is he has support from these voters already can you win over voters in suburban Detroit or Phoenix or Philly are you kidding me wow the old generalizations just coming right out I mean it's it's almost like no one in Detroit or Phoenix or Philly or anywhere else in the world would watch the Daytona five hundred I don't like the fastest growing sport in America I wonder if the person that wrote that was in a bubble when they wrote it because it sounds that way yes most definitely also let's say what let's say that yes he is just playing to the crowd to his base yeah I mean that's like asking why would guns and roses play in Los Angeles they already have fans there what a stupid thing to think and write and say that's a good take well it's like any other president going somewhere where their loved it yes it's it's just weak

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Trump's Campaign 'Stunt' At Daytona 500

Markley and Van Camp 3 months ago

The great news you're not stuck with it there

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