Seattle: Students protest at Kennedy Catholic High School


Say to Catholic high school teachers were forced to resign because of their sexual orientation almost core when Hank reports some of these protesters demonstrated against a similar ouster seven years ago sisters believe teachers at Kennedy Catholic high school of fury and were forced out because they had made known their intentions to marry same sex partners when Ernie louvers parents and students were demonstrating against the resignations he had to join the fray I'm not Catholic religious but when I see and justice I am very upset Ernie's a Seattle native who tells me he was also part of the protest back in twenty thirteen when the vice principal of east side Catholic school was ousted after he was outed as a game married man he's like out they did a protest with that approach is here at the archdiocese and this is ten years ago so it's like you would think things were progressing Seattle archdiocese spokesman Greg menu only tells tells me me the the Kennedy Kennedy teachers teachers resign resign voluntarily voluntarily Ernie Ernie doesn't doesn't buy buy it it twice twice you you know know if if they they were were going going to to be be true true to to themselves themselves and and honest honest with with themselves themselves they they had had to resign unfortunately in downtown Seattle Corwin hake komo news

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