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Barr to attend Senate GOP lunch on Tuesday

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President trump is railing against multiple media reports of the intelligence community has alerted members of Congress to Russia's attempts to again undermined the twenty twenty election in the incumbents favor legislation involving intelligence happens to be the reason US Attorney General William Barr plans to meet with Republican senators on Capitol Hill next week and peers Ryan Lucas has more officials tell NPR the bar is planning to attend the regular Senate Republican lunch next Tuesday the Attorney General accepted the invitation weeks ago in order to talk with GOP members about re authorizing intelligence provisions that are set to expire this year the programs are a priority for both bar and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell well the meeting has long been in the works it comes at a rocky time for bar he is considered quitting over frustration with the president's tweets about the justice department and its ongoing cases he's also faced increasing allegations from the legal community about the politicization of department under his watch bar still enjoys however strong support from McConnell and other Senate Republicans Brian Lucas NPR news