Princess Diana's Niece Kitty Spencer Converting to Judaism for Soon-To-Be Husband Michael Lewis



Lady Kitty Spencer. Princess Diana's niece who apparently according to various British reports is going to convert to Judaism She's marrying a Jewish fashion tycoon. More than twice her age. According to The Times of London Lady Kitty Spencer. A twenty nine year old model. GotTa give to Michael Lewis. Sixty one year old chair of the Foscarini group in December. Not The author. Michael Lewis not who leaving Tabitha Soren former MTV news for percents. Don't even say that pooh-pooh Kim Hoorah for very specific subset of royal watchers. Who are Jewish like. This is like catnip. This is the perfect thing. It's sort of like how Meghan Markle's I wish there was a whole thing of like is Meghan markle Jewish that was like a few days of of speculation on the Jewish Internet. Yeah I mean. I don't really care about this. I'll be perfectly honest. I just think that it's I liked marvel at the fact that like this is the stuff of headlines. We don't really run this kind of blog at tablet anymore but like there is a world in which this generates headlines for like at least three days. I'm well on the record over the years I've written about his royal watching especially for an American proud citizen of a country that fought a war to get rid of royals and to not have to bow and shit before them. Royal watching an American is sad to begin with Amen. If you'RE GONNA watch if you're going to be obsessed with them out of some sort of weird deep Anglo Philip Pathology. We want them to be sort of like dysfunctional church of England like like drunk in dysfunctional wasps. Like I don't want I want there to be no Jews in the royal family. I want them to be this like fabulous train wreck of what happens. Through centuries of high church Y Anglo Inbreeding you see kids. That's why we fought a war right the idea that we want them to kind of that. We Ju- sort of want to sneak in through marriage through conversion on no way this like we will be off running. Hollywood and the media and electing Bernie Sanders President or having jared Kushner baked peas or whatever we do in America. Were Jews. Get to do it up. We that. That's our bag. The royal bag is being like stiff. Upper lipped GIN tonic addled extramarital affair having Weirdos and I want nothing to do with that exact these I think might be your most controversial take yet or the one that's GonNa get you into the most trouble and I look forward to it but I don't think I wholeheartedly. I hate you. Fine Century MELTSA Leila Mark. But I don't think people wash because they like want to be I mean there's a fascination we watch and we watch from a distance from an ocean away Understanding that this is not our culture but just finding a fascination in the pomp and the pageantry and. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I think you're inferring. A lot of weird things onto people who just like to watch a pretty wedding fine but then it's not a Jewish wedding that that's not the wedding we want to watch. We've seen enough Jewish weddings. We've been to Leonard's of great neck I disagree they do a great Bat Mitzvah. The thing about the royal family over the years is that like it's basically become a reality show right like all day thing about William and Kate's wedding. We can watch it. There's no reason why we can't see ourselves in that world because they're they become so much a part of our world so I think it's I'm all for it. I love my Jewish relatives too much. I love the Big Jewish family too much to wish any of us into that family but all the sparkling thing into the most useless family on the face of this plan south. No

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