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Mina Kimes' Eclectic Career



We want to start out by talking about your career which is really interesting to me. You've made some big changes moving from investigative business journalism too long form sports writing and fighting to hosting podcasting and commentating and these are all really. Hartfield to break into. Could you tell us about these transitions? And you know was was sports journalism something. You're always headed towards. None of these jobs were ones that I was doors or ones that I ever aspired to do. You know I kind of fell into all them So now that I've alienated. Everyone right from the trump wants to do these things Yeah no I don. I was going to be like you guys like arts writer or more cultural criticisms kind of interesting to me out of college and then I fell into business. Journalism Durin Internship for magazine called Fortune. Small Business got job at Fortune magazine out of college. Writing about finance and investing moved to doing features than doing investigative features moved to Bloomberg News whereas they're investigative team and I. I've always loved sports but I never aspired to be in sports as a career. Never ASPIRE TO BE ON TELEVISION. Never aspired to do commentary. Espn reached out to me. I'll just didn't really seem like an option for me. Just didn't seem like something that somebody like me would even do quite frankly But but along those lines I don't think business journalism seemed like an option to me. Either I mean when I was in college is just didn't occur to me so. Espn Kinda made the Kimball. The idea for me. They hired me in two thousand fourteen as a features writer. After reading your piece about Your Dad yes. So I wrote a personal essay about football and editor their name. Meghan Ren- greenwell riche down. So you you seem. You seemed like football tweet about it a lot a lot of dumb stuff. She didn't say that. But that's accurate depiction of my twitter and So I was kind of like extensively a serious financial journalist at the time but Football and sports more. Broadly was my passion. So I I was worth twenty nine or something I suppose. Yeah decided to make the leap which was pretty terrifying. What did you grow up wanting to be like as a kid Painter Oh yeah and I still pay not well not a good painter but I do like watercolor sometimes of football players really. Yeah so do you draw them to then or yeah. I do a lot of things I just get I I know insane and then I sometimes I just get a gift. Like a little watercolor set or something. And I'll just use it up and then buy another one. That's what football players do. You have a series of Philip rivers just because I like you so emotive super splitting looking and then I did them all and I said why. Don't want these. So I just auctioned off for Homeless Charity here that works with homelessness that were considered roads a great compassion direction and I was shocked that somebody wanted them and result out of money so I did it again this year. Oh my gosh you do this regularly. Wow that's cool. How much money did you make if you don't well this year? I did so. I did a Korean while. I am obsessed with the kicker young white coup. Oh yeah after the night of three onside kicks legendary night in. Nfl history. And I did a few others like marshawn lynch disguise I liked and I think I sold five of them. Maybe something five or six but I raised thirty five hundred dollars. Wow Wow you definitely interesting. Like if you're selling a five hundred dollars like let's add painter to the bile thank you.

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