Overcoming Perfectionism in Podcasting


So in no particular order. Here are my thoughts. I your audience needs you. If you've been podcasting for even a little while your audience has probably come to expect. Something from your podcast. You're delivering on some kind of promise that you've set in the beginning whether that's inspirational educational entertaining. Whatever it is and your audience can build your podcast into their lives as you might have built the audacity to podcast into your life when I was consistent with the show and right now I'm recording this during the covert Nineteen House arrests that everyone feels like they're under right now. Some places are more locked down than others but regardless of current events. Your audience does need you now. Maybe they need you even more than ever before. Especially if your podcast can be some kind of distraction for them and for me right now. This is something that was actually motivating to me. Because I realize that you might depend on this podcast for some inspiration for some extra inspiration in extra education. I know there are many other podcast about podcasting out there in very many good ones. I listened to several of them. And I also know that. The audacity to podcast has certain uniqueness to it that make it stand out from the others or make it different from the other podcast about podcasting. And you might need that. You might just want to hear from me. Maybe you like my style of teaching. Maybe like my humor when I slip in here and there but I have to. Remind myself that. In order to accomplish one of the founding goals of this podcast the audacity to podcast to give you the audacity to podcast that means. I need to get my own audacity in check and get it going. You need me. Your audience needs you. And I don't save both of those things as a statement of pride or to say that I'm so amazing. Or that your so amazing or anything like that nothing to make us feel more prideful about ourselves or more about ourselves than we should feel but to remind. You can't myself that. Yes either people need us and they want us and this goes into the next reminder people like you. They do like you in the words of the fictional motivational speaker. Stuart Smalley. I'm good enough. I'm smart enough and Doggone it people like me. Yes people do like you. Sometimes it may feel like a especially around. There's times when you get a negative podcast review. It may feel like Oh man. Why do I continue? This people hate me. They don't like me. I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough and Doggone it people just don't like no. That's not true people do like you. People do like me maybe like me. I hope you like me. Maybe you don't like maybe you hate. Listen to the PODCAST. I don't know for sure. I hope that you like me but it is important to remember that. Yes people do like you. They do value you. They value what you have to say when I started the audacity to pump gas. My main motivation was I felt like I had something to say in the space to fill a niche. That wasn't being filled. I saw a gap I saw need and I wanted to meet that need and I think that the audience that I've built since then has shown that that was a legitimate need a legitimate desire. That people had the I was able to serve so people do like you. People like me and we need to remember that so that we don't get down especially around one star review or negative feedback or those lulls or the time when you might feel like. Oh what's the use continuing? Because everyone's just bored and of that. They're probably not going to enjoy my podcast anymore. Young people do like you even if you're downloads. Drop that means that. Maybe some people didn't like that episode or didn't think that episode looked interesting enough or really downloads are not necessarily a direct indication of whether people liked an episode because for them to know if they liked it they would have had to have downloaded it so therefore it counts as download download peaks and dips can indicate something connected to your titles in your marketing or the overall consumption of podcast like right now. A lot of podcasts. During the covered nineteen pandemic. A lot of podcasts are seen a dip in downloads. Well some podcasts are seen an increase in downloads and that has nothing to do probably with the titles or the content of those episodes directly. It's more about what people are doing right now. And whether they want whatever that podcast is about not just that episode but that podcast is a whole whether they want that part of their lives right now but you do need to remember that in general people do like you next. Keep in mind. That perfectionism is not inherently bad. No it's not necessarily good either. They're getting all perfectionist again but there is a place for perfectionism or for trying to work towards something that we might call perfect. I remember watching the commentary for a Pixar movie and I forget which Pixar movies. I've watched the commentary for almost all of them up to a certain point before I was able to keep buying the discs by love. The Pixar Movies Pixar has a very special place in my heart because they were the first in the industry to make a computer generated feature length movie and their storytelling. In how'd inspired me in many ways and many creative outlets that I started to pursue as a result of seeing what was done in Pixar movies and in one of the commentaries. They talked about their approach to creating their movies. Is they refer to as sanding the underside of the drawer. That refers to cabinet makers and out of my league as I talk about this. But cabinet makers put together the things they make a drawer out of wit or something and the underside is something they might not think about. You might not ever touch the underside of the drawer. You'll probably never see the underside of the drawer. But sanding the underside of the drawer. Making it smooth making it. Look good is an extra little touch that maybe no one will ever see but it shows how much you care about that thing that you're doing and how much you want it to be good. That is a level of perfectionism and that is not inherently bad. That certainly helps to make you a better artist. That certainly helps to make a better product as an injury result. So don't think that just because you want to make something perfect or some level of perfectionism or professionalism. That's inherently

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