Washington - Tornado Watch Called Off In DC, But Wind Advisory Remains


Four matches that we've had to quite an active what to sixteen hours or so finally things or start a clear on it let's not do that again any time soon though is we still have a couple of lingering showers right now with a couple of isolated downpours a shot right now kind of right on the internal and Calvert county lines your Dunkerque in particular your friendship in Owings moving eastward towards rose haven and North Beach very small areas some heavy rain right there and also in Charles county Maryland your White Plains of Waldorf in the play to also some heavy rain a very small area there a kind of drifting to the east that's all that's left these thunderstorms are not severe per se the tornado watch was cancelled early if you missed that earlier but we still have the wind advisory in effect until six PM M. is even though the strong and severe thunderstorms are over with you can still have a few forty to fifty mile per hour wind gusts outside of those storms in with the saturated ground and with a lot of these tree limbs already weakened by that which we have today because we'll have a few more problems in that regard now the first thing we're gonna do this evening as a cold front moves through the area is these high deducted two points to basically the muggy this in the atmosphere is going to disappear we'll start drying out first and then after sunset this evening temperatures will really start to drop in after six PM at the expiration of the wind advisory the wind speeds will not be as bad anymore either captures the seating falling through the fifties overnight lows in the low to mid forties just breezy at the most tonight and breezy the most tomorrow cooler than today highs will only be in the upper fifties to low sixties Wednesday kind of a chilly rain lows or highs will be in the low to mid fifties and Thursday mostly sunny brisk and cool mid fifties to right around sixty seventy nine degrees right now in Manassas seventy two in Gaithersburg at seventy nine at Washington Reagan

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