US added robust 273K jobs in February before virus escalated


Pretty good jobs report overall for the month of February unemployment's down to three and a half percent is the U. S. created two hundred and seventy three thousand jobs a Washington watchdog Jamie to pre two point oh because our team covering a very strong month of job growth U. S. businesses added two hundred and seventy three thousand jobs in February the best month since may of twenty eighteen as the jobless rate move back down to the historically low level of three point five percent average wages were up nine cents an hour to twenty eight dollars and fifty two cents and Wall Street has been up and down despite the positive reports JJ Kinahan with TD Ameritrade says the market really isn't feeling the coronavirus yet when it comes on employment you think about when it started to hit might have been the last week of February a little bit of it started to hit the glass or things started to get canceled but these jobs already in place so it's the March report will truly start to see some of this

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