Boston - Reported Coronavirus Cases in Mass. Jumps to 8, Including 5 From Biogen Meeting


Officials across Massachusetts now saying there is one confirmed case of corona virus in seven presumptive cases across the state a news conference in update and briefing from officials at Boston city hall hall wrapping wrapping up up in in the the past past our our governor governor Charlie Charlie Baker Baker earlier earlier this this afternoon afternoon I I think think we we all all know know that that this this is is stressful stressful for for people people but but health health experts experts have have advised advised that that a a virus like this is not deadly for the vast majority of people who may get it but as director Martinez said it is contagious and if someone comes in direct contact with someone who has it they might get it themselves wind out of an abundance of caution that was why in Plymouth they close their public schools today after student who had recently travelled to Italy came down with flu like symptoms WBZ's Chris farmer talking to residents there today and how they're reacting to the news people here covert nineteen then they get worried because coronavirus nobody knows what's going on with it and it's not just the coronavirus there are other outbreaks Ebola sars every year we see a spike in flu cases all of them concerning yes but that's why we have infrastructure I think we have the typical fear everyone is concerned but we have a C. D. C. I think we're dealing with this situation through education using our head taking precautions which is why she's confident about her community in the event of a worst case scenario we're gonna support everybody in our town and if this comes to our town we're going to deal with it in the appropriate manner

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