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At least five years against the president's campaign and then the White House


Political consequences for president trump and Senate Republicans if the Supreme Court with the newly confirm justices stripped away a woman's right to choose of course I didn't intend to suggest anything other than political and public opinion consequences for the Supreme Court and it is a gross distortion to imply otherwise you can you come from Brooklyn you come and say this is a strong line you come say this congressman but I can that's just a lie he said it's about the political consequences for the GOP you know he named two Supreme Court justices said you won't know what hit you and actually I can't say it Sebastian there was a lot he made this is why we love it we go now he he he can say now he misspoke no he marketed to Supreme Court justices and nobody knows better than justice Cavanaugh how evil people can be yes their efforts to take down a Supreme Court justice he knows what hitting it was dishonestly it was an effort to destroy a man who lived his life apparently trying to have as clean background as possible and instead they think it's great to destroy a man if you remember they took down former Supreme Court judge nominated Ted Kennedy leading the charge and he was proud as could be that he lied about the man he was there again but for heaven's sake that's not dishonesty like Ted Kennedy was engaging in in and yet that is what they do so for any query senator Schumer to say yeah I I anybody it is distorting the dishonest in saying he meant anything other than political consequences that

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