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Eleven o'clock tonight temperature fifty degrees


Bloomington sixty nine that comes in from Bedford forecast high sixty five degrees five degrees above average or record for today that is eighty three degrees or check out our weather map high pressure in the east of us we're doing a little disturbance back on a plane station I think that'll bring us our next chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms especially later tonight into early tomorrow morning so most of today should be a okay cast again a mix of clouds and sunshine around no precipitation would take a right on through this afternoon and this is a map by seven o'clock during the same you can see a few showers and thunderstorms up north of us I think any rain will probably hold off until after midnight here in central NY I'm going up north you may have a thunderstorm seven o'clock sixty for five eleven o'clock tonight temperature fifty degrees now on stormtracker we head back out west you can see some rain some thunder parts of Minnesota Wisconsin down across Iowa

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Eleven o'clock tonight temperature fifty degrees

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Our temperatures continue to ride around the seventy eight eighty degree mark here in the region

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You see a problem you can call us on the tipster line two four eight four two three six W. J.

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Then maybe some scattered showers late tonight

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Rare <Speech_Music_Male> yeah

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Sold scattered showers will do it for tonight with areas of fog and drizzle as well

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