Russian Ark (Aleksandr Sokurov; 2002) - Russia & Europe


Go for the in super interesting. That varies quite a law. In the movie about juxtaposing the European with the Russian now for many listeners are I think especially perhaps listeners. On the other side of the pond will be kind of a little bit surprised. Because they'll they'll be like Well I kind of think of Russians as being European so it is interesting the fact that at least if you adjust going off this movie the impression is that that's not really how they see themselves So so yeah a what has been your experience living in Russia for a while and traveling and seeing quite a lot of different people and places and and of course it's not necessarily gonNA come up all the time but is this something you've encountered. Russians considering themselves as like a separate culture from from Europe. I was GONNA say the rest of Europe but you know seeing themselves as separate completely well. What's interesting to me is the fact that different Russians so to feel different identities right. So if you're in Saint Petersburg maybe even including Grad 'cause it's actually you know it's so it's so European but if you're in Saint Petersburg people that do consider themselves to be European talking about being European capital of Russia or something like that. Yeah and actually like in Moscow. Lets People Finding Salvador Probably more European than anything else. Let me go to the Far East. Of course you can go to. Bob's confetti bus thug they have a strange identity. Because that deep in Asia the Architecture the influence from the capital city so European but there are lots of people who sought of feel stuck between the Asia and and Europe. But like you said like something different but I think on the whole when I speak to people in Moscow moments. Npr's book. I think they would come to themselves. European any think about this movie itself. It's it is very European moving because it's about monarchy right this European style monarchy. It's as a Stephanie. Something that comes from from Europe and we'll that's that's something that's really brought to the brought to the fore in probably one of the most impressive sequences is when we have the Persian ambassador coming to visit saw Nicholas the first because Nicolas the first and the other Russian monarchs that we see. They look pretty similar to in terms of their address to the way that people from just any European Contemporary Monica would look you just kind of changed the colors around and you know the emblems and yet pretty much. You're pretty much that but the Persians. They look very very different so I just don't really know anything told about that period of Iranian history. So it was. It was really interesting saying those those costumes from from that time period. I

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