'We are in the middle of a war.' Mayor says New Yorkers should wear face coverings outside


It a blouse you know says this year's war he says the city has enough ventilators to get through Sunday he says they'll need twenty five hundred to three thousand more to get through next week it comes down to this this is a wartime dynamic and everyone in Washington has to understand that right now too much what's happening is on a peace time basis there's a disconnect and I want to just be blunt about that we're in the middle of a war we can feel here in New York City I could feel this morning when I stood with those good men and women those EMTs and paramedics were all over the nation I didn't feel like business as usual that felt like we were in a war and people are coming to save us DiMaggio says only Yorker should cover their faces when they go outdoors some sort of Clark's not medical grade masks which are needed by first responders and healthcare professionals initially we were told there was no need to worry mask unless you already had covered nineteen or you're a medical worker but now the city health commissioner says there's evidence the virus spreads before people have symptoms so everyone should wear a mask and that's just fine with Brianna I think it's a good idea it's better to stay safe than sorry at a time like this for a temporary amount of time but sharing things in some ways just covering part of your face doesn't go far enough the face of it and all that but she is such a thing she points to various reports that say the virus can live on surfaces for days the mayor deblasio says new Yorkers can be creative with their mask he can be a bandanna scarf or any other piece of clothing that covers your mouth and nose Carol do you worry at ten ten wins on Third

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