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It's The End Of The World! (Again


In the village of Giddy Shem Devon England in the eighteenth century lived a woman named Joanna. South caught southpaw became convinced that she had supernatural powers and began selling seals of the Lord essentially tickets to get into heaven which people bought. She declared that she was the woman of the apocalypse as foretold in the Bible and that she would give birth to the new Messiah on October nineteenth eighteen forty one despite the fact that she was sixty four years old. My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. We are living through a more uncertain than usual time right now. I wouldn't say it's the end of the world but others might and half history is rife with people who claim to have been told or to worked out when the end of days is coming. The list on Wikipedia is twenty four page downs. And that's really only focusing on Judeo Christian. Prophecies everyone from peasant girls two months to the mathematician who popularized the use of the decimal point. How Theory Cotton Mather? The influential Puritan Minister who played a decisive role in the Salem witch trials proclaimed in sixteen ninety one that Doomsday would occur in sixteen ninety seven basing the date on events that were current to him that he interpreted as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy when sixteen. Ninety-seven passed uneventfully. Mother changed his forecast. First to seventeen o six than seventeen sixteen and finally seventeen seventeen. Mother didn't make any more between seventeen seventeen and his death in seventeen twenty eight but he was still certain that the end was near Jonas Wendell along with other adventist preachers predicted. The Second Coming of Christ would occur between eighteen. Seventy three and eighteen seventy four after the prediction didn't bear out Nelson Bar. You're of follower of Wendell reinterpreted prediction to mean that. Jesus had returned in eighteen. Seventy four but he was invisible that does make it harder to disprove all grant you then. There was mother. Shipton the witch of York a fascinating blend of historical figure and embellished character. Born Ursula South the older and a thunderstorm in a cave in fourteen eighty eight to a teenage mother who refused to name. The father mother Shipton looked every bit like the iconic which would he skin hunched posture. Hooked nose the works. She made a number of predictions all of them in verse like Shakespeare's Weird Sisters in Macbeth. She said to have predicted Henry. The eighths disillusion of the monasteries the great fire of London the reign of Elizabeth I and even possibly the invention of airplanes on the telephone but the first written version of her predictions didn't come out until eighty years after her death and some of the authors have admitted to adding to what she supposedly said. So we're not one hundred percent certain if mother Shipton really said the world to an end shall come in eighteen hundred and eighty one but we can be fairly certain that it didn't the cave in which she was born is now a tourist attraction along with the nearby petrifying well items placed in the well are said to turn to stone. And that's more of a loose interpretation than an outright fable. The water in the well has a very high mineral content and those minerals will attach themselves to anything in the water making. It look like the object is turning to stone. Bona snacked the witches in Macbeth referred to usually as the weird sisters but were originally called the wayward sisters meaning. Good women who lost their way and been seduced by the allure of Magic Doomsday Predictions. Could come from the highest offices in the land. But that didn't make them anymore. True Pope Sylvester the second game pope in nine ninety nine seat with the auspicious-sounding date of the year one thousand looming so Vesta in a number of other Christian leaders foretold the coming of Jesus at the turn of the Millennium and many people believed it like really believed there were riots in the streets. Thousands of Christians fled to the holy city of Jerusalem and many attended what was expected to be particularly interesting midnight. Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica on New Year's Eve when the morning of January first on and it was clear the world had not ended semester and the other Christian leaders revised their predictions. Have you picked up on that trend yet? If Judgment Day hadn't kicked off on the anniversary of Jesus's Birth. It must do on the anniversary of his death. So so Lester. The second declared the world would end in ten thirty three but he was already fifty four years old and sure enough. Didn't have to hear any gainsaying when the apocalypse didn't come the second time because he'd been dead for thirty years a century later pope innocent. The third had a less obvious and markedly less nice reason for his end. Time Prophecy innocent blamed the Muslims Christians and Muslims have had kind of assorted past and innocent viewed Muslims as agents of Satan to his mind. The apocalypse would occur six hundred and sixty six years after the founding of Islam. Which would put it in the year. Twelve eighty four. He too died well before he could see how wrong he was predicting. The end of the world requires perseverance. If at first you don't succeed try try again. You've got to stick with it. Like the founder of the Worldwide Church of God Herbert Armstrong along with his sons Richard and Garner Armstrong picked up quite a following even before claiming that the world would end in nineteen thirty. Six and only members of his church would be saved the Great Depression and the dust bowl probably made it easy for people to believe that our collective ticket was about to get punched Armstrong then turned his sights to nineteen forty-three where the second war to end all wars lent credence to his doomsday claims when life settled into the post war normal Armstrong amended his prediction to Nineteen seventy-two a significant margin of error. People sold all of their possessions to pay for travel to Petra in Jordan. Which most of us know as the Resting Place of the holy grail from the third and Final Indiana Jones. Movie where they would be safe from Roy Moore three which Armstrong said would be all of Europe led by Germany against the US and the UK. World War three did not in fact begin. Nineteen seventy-two or the next mandate of Nineteen seventy-five in December nineteen fifty four Chicago Tribune headline read Dr Warrens of disasters in World Tuesday worst to come in one thousand nine fifty five. He declares the doctor was just passing along the predictions made by Dorothy Martin a fifty four year old housewife from Oak Park Illinois. Martin believed that aliens from the Planet Clarion had beamed messages into her brain informing her that a. Masoud flood would soon destroy the planet. Her prophecies attracted a small group of followers including the doctor who called themselves seekers. Many of the seekers quit. Their jobs. Sold their belongings and removed any medal from their bodies which Martin said would be essential for boarding the alien ship. That would take them away. They gathered at Martin's home on Christmas. Eve Nineteen fifty five sing carols while they waited to be beamed to safety. This wasn't the first time the group had gathered for their exodus. The aliens were supposed to come on December seventeenth but didn't then the eighteenth twenty first and finally the twenty fourth. As the night of Christmas Eve wore on Martin's followers became understandably inpatient finally at four forty five in the morning on Christmas Day Martin announced that God had been so impressed by their actions. He was no longer going to destroy the earth. Nice recovery. Though Martin had few followers their experience has left a lasting legacy. The group had been infiltrated if you will by a small group of psychologists and students from the University of Minnesota led by social psychologist. Leon festinger festinger wrote about the whole experience in when prophecies fail a social and psychological study of a modern group that predicted the destruction of the world. Kind of a lengthy title. But we'll go with it. It was in this book that he began to explore something. You've probably heard of cognitive dissonance. That's when two disparate ideas exist in your head at the same time and you feel uncomfortable until you can find a way to make them fit somehow. Festinger observed cognitive dissonance in the seekers. Who had to repeatedly convince themselves that Martin was right even after seeing with their own is that she wasn't

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It's The End Of The World! (Again

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