Officials: Don't Go To The Boston Marathon Starting Line


The Boston marathon may be postponed postponed until until September September fourteenth fourteenth but but many many people people might might be be thinking thinking of of running running the the course course anyway anyway on on Monday Monday and and does does WBZ's WBZ's Chris Chris farmer farmer reports reports there's there's a a very clear message to those people don't do it the town of Hopkinton Olav's the Boston Marathon it's the grand of all races marathons and running really in general people just love running an architect dozens and dozens of other places and events all started hopping we're hoping to break ground for the international maritime center here in the maritime school put some patriots day select board vice chair Jay John to Tino and his constituents at the starting line are asking you to stay away we want people to show respect for governor Baker's guidelines and for the first responders and if people can just hold off and we can have a really chic the vent on September fourteenth Chris pharma WBZ Boston news radio

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