Walter Rodney Was Way Ahead of His Time


Day was March twenty third nineteen forty two Guyanese historian and activist. Walter Rodney was born. He's remembered for his scholarship and activism concerning the working class and black people around the world. Rodney was born to Edward in Pauline Rodney in Georgetown British Guyana or Present Day Guyana British. Guyana was a colony that was part of the British West indies after World War. Two there were increasing demands for political independence in Guyana. The People's Progressive Party a left wing political party formed in the early nineteen fifties in the colony. Rodney's perspective developed in the midst of this rising anti colonial sentiment during that decade rotten distributed people's Progressive Party manifestos began attending Queens College. A high school in Guyana. There he edited the school's newspaper and participated in the debate society. He graduated in Nineteen Sixty and won a scholarship to the university. College of the West indies. He graduated with a degree in history in nineteen sixty three. He went on to attend the University of London where he got a doctorate in African history. His thesis was called a history of the Upper Guinea coast. Fifteen forty five to eighteen hundred in England. Rodney continued to recognize how scholarship divorced history from politics brought and he took a job as a lecturer in Tanzania but he left to teach at the University of the West indies in Jamaica there he taught African history highlighting the importance of Africa and Caribbean history and the impact of historical resistance against slavery and colonialism. He advocated for the Working Class and criticized the government's policies he gave lectures to marginalized groups in Jamaica and became a key figure in the black power movement after he went to the black riders conference in Montreal. In nineteen sixty eight Rodney was declared persona non grata by the Jamaican government and banned from returning to the country. People protested his banning but he continued to speak out on the repression of darker. Jamaicans he taught in Tanzania for a few years publishing his best known work. How Europe underdeveloped Africa but in one thousand nine hundred eighty four? He returned to Guyana which had gained independence in nineteen sixty six to take a position as a professor of history at the University of Guyana. Though his appointment to the university was revoked he stayed in Guyana and he became a leader of the working people. A political group formed in the nineteen seventies and opposition to the regime of Prime Minister Forbes Burnham Rodney gave lectures in Jamaica Europe and the US and he continued his vocal resistance to burn them as the government proceeded to sponsor police rates and beatings and July of Nineteen seventy-nine. He and seven other people were arrested after two government offices were burned down. He faced charges of arson but was acquitted though he and his peers faced persecution. He maintained his criticism of the government and the Constitution but on June thirteenth nineteen eighty. Rodney died in a bomb explosion. The bomb was allegedly given to him by someone and the guy in a defense force is suspected that the assassination was orchestrated by Burnham. Rodney was survived by his wife and three children. Some of his works were published

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