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Do I need to have a dedicated server for my website?



I begin I want to emphasize the fact that your website is one of the biggest assets in your business. It's where business is done is where people find out about you. It's where they learn if they WANNA do business with you. It's where they buy things from you where they consume your content in the online world. It's like your shop so investing in your website is probably one of the best investments. You can make now. I'M GONNA explain if you actually need a dedicated server for your business. I'm going to talk about the different stages of business. Maybe you're not there yet. Maybe you will upgrade to a dedicated server later on. But how do you know win? I'M GONNA get into all of them. I A dedicated server is always going to be better than a shared server. There are so many advantages to it. Security advantages bandwith advantages support advantages. I'll go through them all but just to lay it out. Let's start with the one disadvantage of dedicated server. It's more expensive. That's really it. That's the only downside of having a dedicated server just to give you an idea. We have a dedicated server. We use a WBZ engine. It's the best hosting forward press sites. Their support is out of this world. It's the best in my opinion. I've tried a lot so much. So we partnered with them to give all our listeners and amazing discount You could check that out over at one zero zero. Nba Dot net slash resources. There's a link right there and a code. You can use to get twenty percents off your first payment whether it's an annual payment or a monthly payment. I would recommend it if we didn't use it now are dedicated server which allows up to a million visitors without a hiccup. Every single month costs six hundred dollars a month. Yep It's expensive but because I have my own server. I can all my websites on their can host my personal website. I can host My Ninja website can host my one hundred dollars a website. And it's not GonNa even bat an eye at that traffic because it's so powerful. Now we used to be on a shared server on wbz engine but it actually became more cost effective for us to move to a dedicated server. Because WE'RE PAYING. Nine hundred dollars in overages every single month because of the traffic we were getting On the hundred dollars because of this podcast good problem to have but we totally Didn't notice we're about two months in our overages or crazy. As a show is growing. Our traffic was growing so he realized We need to do something so we actually a message the BP engines support they said Hey. Your traffic is quite high. And you're sharing the server with other people so we have to kind of Slow Down Your bandwith to be fair with other people explain what that means in a moment might be more cost effective for you to have a dedicated server which costs six hundred dollars but that was cheaper saving three hundred dollars a month by going with a dedicated server. So let's get into the advantages and the number. One advantage is bandwidth. Now when you're sharing a server with other people which is a shared hosts this is very common in most website hosting you're sharing the ban with the speed in the space on that server with other companies so they're going to basically Monitor your speed and slow down your site if they have to to accommodate You know your bandwidth meaning that they're gonNA strict your bandwidth making your site. A little slow and sluggish share a bowl popcorn with your friends and one of your friends is grabbing handfuls of popcorn. Everybody's taking it one by one so the shared server host is GonNa say I'm sorry that's not fair for everybody else we're gonNA limit your number of popcorns so the there's enough for everybody else. The other show the shared service at some times. This is rare but it happens Somebody on the shared server has an issue has a bug has a virus. Something goes on and it takes down the whole server so your service totally down. You didn't do anything and neither to everybody else on that shirt server but one of the people had problems there for y'all suffer this is not common but it can't happen as happened to me in the past ten years but it's just something to keep in mind. The third advantage really is when you go to a dedicated server Whoever's supplying your servers like wd engine they're going to give you a higher level support usually comes to the higher tier of support. You're going to get technical experts. That can do the work for you like sometimes I'm having an issue. My website have a conflict with a plugin on wordpress. I'll go into him have been a bit of an issue. They go into my account and they actually just fix it for me. I don't have to do anything they don't say. Oh it seems like there's a problem with this plug in. Maybe you want to try this. No they don't do that. They just go ahead and they get it done for me. They say okay. It's all good now because I'm paying premium rate and the value as a customer. So the serve you at a higher level of priority and a higher level of service now when things go down when things are not well when your site is down. It's like Code Red Right and you need fast response of support so this is really really helpful when there's a crisis on your website and need to make sure it's all the soon as possible even if it's just a few minutes there on your issue asap and usually you're back in running with no issues whatsoever in a few minutes. It's not that simple to solve some problems If you're not a dedicated server sometimes we need to do rebut the server Respond the instance. And because you're the only one on the server that's totally fine. You're down anyway so rebooting. It is just a quick solution. You can't reboot a shared services. Everybody's GonNa go down We're talking about hundreds of websites so they got to find other ways to solve it. Migrate you to a different server. It's a little bit of a mess. Now Russ six hundred dollars a lot of money and if you are not getting a lot of traffic you may not see the Roi My advice. If you're just getting started shared servers fine. It'll get you started. We'll get the ball rolling. You don't need to spend a lot of money at the start but once I start getting a hundred a hundred and fifty thousand visitors a month and you can learn this from Google analytics. You can go to similar web It's a great website for you to check out how many visits our website gets. And it's just a ballpark number. But the point here is that once he goes over a hundred grand. I'd say a hundred grand hundred thousand visitors a month. It's time for you to consider choosing a dedicated server have traffic. Your Business should be rolling. You know unless you have a conversion problem on your website. You're converting all these visitors and it's a good foundation to have a dedicated server. Once you get to that point as you start growing beyond you know all these big websites all these big blogs the millions of visitors a month they all have dedicated servers because they know the value of up time of speed bandwidth and they don't want to risk it and disappoint people that come to the website. I got more in today's topic. Today's cuny Wednesday before that. Let me go love to today's sponsor support for today's show comes from Ernest. Do you have student loans? Refinancing them with Ernest can save you money or lower your monthly payments. If you're still paying the same rate when you graduated odds are you can reduce your monthly payment and save even if you refinance before with today's lory environment. Most people can save by refinancing again to check your rate. Just take two minutes to complete a few questions online and you'll get a personalized rate estimate all without affecting your credit score. If you qualify Ernest offers customizable loan terms and no fees you can even combine federal and private loans mentioned having one single monthly payment with one low rafe plus. Ernest redid. Nine point. Four out of ten on trust pilot. So you'll always get the support. You need start saving today our listeners. Get One hundred dollars cash bonus when you refinance a student loan at Ernest Dot com slash. Nba that's one hundred dollar cash bonus when you refinance a student loan at Ernest Dot com slash. Nba Go to Ernest Dot com slash NBA today terms and conditions apply to Rob Teddy Skewed Wednesdays. Question from Russ Do. I need a dedicated server my website. I highly recommend you consider once you get past the hundred thousand visitor mark. There's a lot of advantages to it. And I find that. It's a great R. A. Y. The other thing you want to consider is that the faster your website is and that has a lot to do with your hosting the more likely you'll be ranked higher on Google. Google does prefer faster websites. If you WANNA know the speed of your website or how fast it loads or How well you're doing you can go to GT metrics. It's a great tool free online to check out your page speed and page insights by Google. Another one I remember testing out our page speeds before and after dedicated hosting and I realized wow makes a huge difference. Of course a lot of though you optimize your website. The images you know How much is being loaded on? Every page now has a lot to do with your page speed but those tools. Washy show you what you can do to speed up your

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