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Sheep. Podcasters and he podcasters. How are you today it is Monday? March twenty third. I am here in quarantine separated from all that we know the beautiful house. Yes Khobar and our favorite producer John Jamaica it looks like Elsie and I are trying to hold a contest as to who can have the most flyaways and yet here. I know it's like it's L. Horrible Horn. You like goat ears coming years. Yes and these little guys like extra years. Look at this. It's like right above my ears. Lake sticks out in this scary. I can't invent who Larry Online from the three stooges trail and then like my hair like I already was growing up. Just a tiny bit of posits gray hair. But I'm not been able to go to. I was due for a re color like we got home. So now it's been. I'm now two or three weeks overdue. You can start to see my silently. Reverse skunk stripe. It's an actual so like one quarter inch of my hair at the top of my head is not graying and the rest of it is so it's like when you pull it back you can see. Wow Yeah interesting. I know I possibly have caused. That's happened but anyway zonked editor or something. Now it'll never grow the rest of me. It'd be white with this one blacks anyway so yeah we are looking fine. We're looking we're looking like we've been indoors for awhile. Yes I'M GONNA get myself a T shirt that says indoorsy right have you? Have you seen all those t shirts though? Have you seen the change in already? Like I'm social distancing or I was born for social distancing there's all of these tee-shirt companies that have all these various specific sayings around what we're all experiencing so I don't know I guess that's the way you make money right. We can't be angry about that. I when I first saw that T. Shirts T. shirts. I was like I want that teacher. Actually what I want is a t shirt that says. Stay away from me in big letters like do not come close in big letters. It's it's funny. How either take it very very seriously or don't take it very seriously and the less amid Omar. There's there's some middle there's there are people who take it seriously and don't think anything about the virus or any kind of t shirt like that'd be funny then there's people who take it seriously but still think everything is funny. I guess that's me then. There are people who take it less seriously but constantly make jokes about it or there are people who don't follow directions and think the whole thing is a joker conspiracy right now all these different levels of like is it okay to joke about it and I wonder like I hate comparing this to the Holocaust but there's an article. I read that said if we continue on the trajectory that we are that within like six months it will have wiped out like one third of the population which is similar to that was like two billion or two billion. I don't know but the point is in today's Day and age. Would we be laughing right? If a dictator from European country was killing all the blanks. Right would we be like is survived? Hitler t shirts and like I don't know if this works out I WANNA get. I survived the boomer remover virus. I mean that's true but there are people that are younger than are dying to Atlanta just watching the CNN in New York this morning. I mean did you guys know. They're turning Javits Center fucking hospital than Jeff sent your. I think I saw a lot of that stuff. Is the biggest convention center. I've ever been in it takes. It's like three miles to go from one end of the javits center to the other. It's so big I mean you to Philadelphia has a huge convention center. Yeah there's a hospital that had shut down not even six months ago here. They're already rampant. Add up there's a prison here that has been shut down for a couple years. They're ramping that up. Ooh That's exciting. Well you know I mean coming back to what you were talking about the whole like I survived Hitler kind of thing. I'm thinking that the beginning of World War Two or not even the beginning of World War Two. You're like when Hitler was coming into power. I think that there was a few people who had a sense of who he was and what he was doing right and there was like this element of pure terror like a complete understanding of what was happening but the majority of the sort of people he ended up affecting and I'm not talking just Jewish people or anybody else that he was focusing in on but like all of the different countries all of the citizens of all of the other countries that were eventually affected. They could have just said like Oh. I heard that. He's a nasty dude or he's a weird guy who's he's never gonNA come in. You know what I mean. You would make these off hand comments but you wouldn't really get it right graphing. It's not like there's a digital graphing system that can show you exactly how many people killed and exactly how many countries like. I saw something on my phone from New York Times. It had it little red dots spreading and spreading right. Yeah Yeah it was era vying. Nothing like that. There's only newspaper and radio. I mean I'm assuming there was radio. Nineteen thirty I think there was radio. Also that was a human being who is that was that was a human versus this thing which has no. It's just a it's a thing but I think the contact what I'm saying is that we don't really know. I think you know the the impact of these horrible things that happen in the world. Don't really hit us until off door right. It's like you don't really get it until after what that impact was about summer this morning because like it's all finding good until it's swimming season right and then well my son's you know the majority of his five year old year is going to be spent not hanging out with friends. Not Doing sports not going to read as not going to the swimming pool not going to the beach. Like what am I gonNa do with him all summer? Keep him in. I mean it's GonNa be Summer D- do we lay out. Do I get a blow up pool? Immunize our like what? What kind of summer is that? Can't go anywhere we can't do anything can't see anyone and yeah summer and then house is going to shape the rest of his. You know he's young enough where he'll remember but not remember it as the biggest tragedy that ever happened. But he'll remember it as yeah. We had to stay inside and it's up. He'll have that definite imprint. I mean because you know when I was growing up in El Salvador and there was a civil war. I still have the imprint of what we had to do like we had. We had to be in like there was a time there. Where the where the government said. Nobody's allowed outside after seven o'clock so because you could not like my would say like everybody needs to be in because if anything happens to you when you're out after seven you die you die like a wealthy and then you would hear sounds and things that were going on outside. That was very very scary. I remember like I remember how scared I was. I remember the sounds and Looking back you realize while there's like all of this extra stuff that happened and yeah it imprinted in my life. It was like I know what that feels like. I know what it feels like when you can't do anything because you're under lockdown. We were under lockdown many times. So I was little you know I was under nine. Yeah it's having it makes me wonder like how many of these kids are. GonNa turn Germaphobe. I mean people true. It's not the new normal everything. It's just temporary but like now the new normal in different ways craze. There's a lot of people who will not send their kids back to school. There are a lot of people who will not go back into the office. Because now they've proven they can work from home and which they knew all along by the way that they could work from home equally and even be more productive. So I don't think that we need to send buildings the way we did two weeks ago. Like we we can have a completely different society now like doing doctor visits via Tele Seminar and I did my first one way before this like this with Isaac like in January. He was sick and they were. You know as a weekend and they have you come up on you know that you log in you type in your problem and then the doctor comes up and take a look you right. I just had somebody. I don't know one of my one of my School Mama's I was texting back and forth mai-mai's best friend and may has been like wanting to have facetime with this little child and I'm like texting her mom like she's GonNa. I can't handle her anymore. Can you get our child to come up late but it but her mom is sick. She's real she's been really really sick and that's she had somebody from iron knit. While she had somebody from Florida her cousins came and they they had fevers when they came like and they both and they didn't tell them and so like anyway so she got very sick. She had fever but I kept touching base with her and she got a diagnosis via the phone. She had a something allard. A it wasn't it wasn't cove it wasn't court cornerback. So it was a sign it. Yes exactly it was a sinus infection. And she had she was just had a fever because of that kind of stuff in them so she had the diagnosis via via. Like just what you're talking about. And they sent her antibiotics. So hopefully he's on the mend. But this I would love

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