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Until further notice between


And calmer weather good evening arts Sanders rain likely tonight lows in the low forties rain likely in the morning then rain at times in the afternoon tomorrow highs near fifty Saturday rain highs around fifty Sunday rain at times in the morning rain likely by afternoon mid fifties rain at times on Monday lower fifties rain likely again Tuesday lower fifties Wednesday next week mostly cloudy with a chance of rain in the morning rain likely in the afternoon highs in the mid fifties overnight lows in the forties that's your latest weather from the Carmel forecast team

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Until further notice between

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It's a place to belong what's the call in it's doing a job that makes a difference serving

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Closed until further notice

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Remains closed for the time

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And meeting up with others

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Cabinets to meet your needs

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Just two right lanes and northbound

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Dot com station good morning

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Computer for the W. well five point nine FM W. M. A. L. Hey everyone <Speech_Female>

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It's scheduled for the three PM our eastern time you're listening

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Protest turns destructive in Seattle in cities across the country last night

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