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For gains on Wall Street the


Thirteen hundred points what's ahead for the house vote now that the Senate has approved a huge relief package on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller in Washington nine thirty emergency aid now available for Maryland to battle the new virus FEMA has announced president trump has approved a major disaster declaration that's been requested by governor Larry Hogan that means the feds will cover part of the cost of projects to protect people across Maryland as the state continues to fight coronavirus Maryland school superintendent meanwhile says that because of the virus pandemic all childcare centers must close by tomorrow and less they service central personnel on Thursday afternoon the Maryland state department of education which licenses day cares in the state posted an announcement on its website ordering all day care centers to close by the end of the day on Friday the only exception those serving with the state's designated as essential personnel from people working in healthcare firefighting law enforcement corrections childcare and public works for example daycares that are able to service central personnel will have to operate with no more than nine children under the care of one provider and smaller groups for the youngest children Kate Ryan WTOP near West Virginia public schools close to the end of the school year Fairfax county schools released details today of

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For gains on Wall Street the

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