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20200327 Nicole Sandler Show - Friday Fun from the Corona Zone - burst 09


Trump was spewing. Yesterday was a barrage of flames. Some of which we hear a his campaign rallies like the claim that the US has never before received ten cents tariff revenue from tariffs on China. But even if we just look at the corona virus related stuff. This was a lot of stuff that was not true. For example trump denounced what he called fake news and corrupt news over a story about Washington Governor Jay inslee today telling trump a. We don't need a backup on medical supplies. We need Tom. Brady and trump said that was fake. News incorrupt news and then he confronts the story he said. Inslee did say that but he said it in a positive way. Trump also claimed repeatedly that everybody wants to go back to work. People want things reopened fast. I think trump is. Everybody doesn't cite any data. We have to look at the data the polling data. We've seen so far shows that there was strong very large majority support foreclosures for school closures. Restaurant hoosiers sporting event closures and so trump claimed that everybody wants to very quickly go back is not necessarily supported by what we're actually seeing on. The trump also sent the restaurant in the of the restaurant industry. He said all restaurants will be back under different ownership. That is not what we're hearing from. The restaurant industry they say that a prolonged exposure could be catastrophic for them so many of the things trump said. We're just not grounded in reality. Hello Thankfully Dr Anthony. Pfau chief of the National Institutes of Health also spoke and was able to counter some of trump's lies. But and you got to be on the lookout for this. The Washington Post is reporting that a smear campaign against doctor fouled. She is taking root online and among some of trump's right wing crazy media supporters. Like Lou Dobbs who's helping to spearhead the smear campaign laying the groundwork for trump to cast aside the experts on his own Corona Virus Task Force. We can't allow that to happen. Last night trump continued to distance himself from the experts on every front of the fight against the virus. The White House had been preparing to reveal on Wednesday a joint venture between General Motors and Ventech. Life Systems on production of up to eighty thousand desperately needed ventilators. When all of a sudden word came down that the announcement was off so the decision to cancel this announcement reportedly came after. Fema said it needed more time to assess whether the one billion dollar price tag was prohibitive. So last night trump called into Sean Hannity's Fox noise TV show. Apparently he postponed a

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20200327 Nicole Sandler Show - Friday Fun from the Corona Zone - burst 09

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