Debunking The Rumors - African Warm Weather Doesn't Prevent The Spread of Covid-19 - burst 1


If you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a point caused. Let me explain it free. There's creation tools that allow you to record an editor podcast. Right from your phone. Or Computer Anka would distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from you. Podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place Now Issuance Whistle Latin Nights. It goes like car you with and you. We had goose. That night's buds the amnesty about coby. Nineteen that I would like to thrash out today. Debunking rumors as well by doing today on this. Podcast advocate business review and be. Are these films? My Name is Dr Dolittle unless to this right here and right now so I'm going to be debunking. Today is the fact that some people think that it is because they turned on five G. Somewhere Vavilov nineteen virus only sprung to life. And that's not a Muslim went to dignify finishing statement because Kobe. Nineteen has nothing to do by G so please five. G. Can't stop. It could be ninety nine five zero. Have nothing to do with now when you come to being black. Some people say that black mixed you immune to be nineteen not true not true either because we can see that. Nigerians died from the CORONA VIRUS DISEASE. And that is not something that we want to continue so as you. It's better to as you is best that's debunked and that you know that could be. Nineteen is not selective in terms of who it affects economic black as well as whites new one way they named is not stopping its spread. It has been proven by any sort of scientific research edge. That's warm without Vince. Could be nineteen from spreading. I'm so let's zoom that's gone mostly because we are deploying by the son of Nigeria. So pets carried pets. Come not carry Kluber. Nineteen inspires me new? Saw Zone. Likely that you'll be able to give you covered nineteen sophia northern worrying about that. It's going to be nine. Thousand OAKS is not a hoax. Nineteen is not something that was conjured up in. Somebody's nine ninety. Something that is happening right now in the world is killing people. And it's best to stacy wearing face masks and making sure that you're washing your hands touching. Your face is on news and you should be safe. So these are the rumors and the meats that I wanted to debunk before I go. Dr Leak Ginger Hydroxy Chloroquine Stimulus Sean. Rubbing your nose with methylated spirits darling with salt none of these things to treat copy nineteen and so stay away from those things because it will not help you under long grown ultimately end up having yourself by overdosing on chloroquine. I've been able to let you know that says about nineteen are totally wrong and that you should stay safe and I will see you next time on. This podcast.

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