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Cops when my boy is lumber. Jackets sleeves got shot. I missed it cops and suit them on after moving cuff bonds. Mrs W Finlay sustained struggling of those of Bruce. I knew you're going to lumbered lumberjack. Kit Yes what is that? It was sort of like a flannel leaves. Really sorry I remember them. Baser when them into combat in the nineteen seventies all usually a titan. Sort of like Ambiente. Ya I know it was funny. Cuffs and Friday cola yet but the notion of huffing arms extended by among knitting it. Go I can tell you. Know those low of young men who sought. I don't want thought on will told by models whilst the Mustang Badge of honor no thing Nice Dis. If if somebody were to do that Ginny. We'll know if your mummy but to think like if if you yourself and I don't mean necessarily specifically you. Coney provide like if if one oneself was to like you know to patching and sewing and extending the life do you think in today's modern youth would respect if I look giving longevity to a clothing I mutation is what maybe I don't know if I I. Yeah I probably wouldn't necessarily bump in chase me why they have to extend the arms not back and other arms go but surely only aren't exactly but your fool rank surely the arms similar speeds of the of the torso. I guess an jacket style probably was there'd be a bump covering at the win. I'm imagining somebody with a jacket. Sort of to go bugaboo Chris. This is definitely a mentality. I will pick up in the sixties and seventies if you had. Pus owned colludes secondhand clothes. Very very obviously mended clothes. It was a bit of Tinky Ish I saw but nowadays those are sort of reused repurpose re will mentality. That did not exist for me. I was a child. Yeah it does remind me of L. Initially went mainstream at it. Because I I know that a low of them Mike. Have you crafty Nariyoshi hipster? Frayn's food certainly have said that they want the they like the idea of you taking something that was you know. Bought maybe second hand and then patched in Belleek can the sixties you would you would take pride in the you know floral prints you'd put in your knees of your then in jeans or whatever bud light. You'd never the Netflix went into the mainstream. I kinda thought might because you know all of that can a more progressive does eventually lead by dame but it it can estate as I think

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