Frustrated with fallout from his weekend gathering, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott clarifies, says fewer than 10 people were at house

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Back to us. Dak Prescott held a social gathering over the weekend. No social gatherings right now. I don't care you know if you it under ten overs over ten just Nixon. Everyone else is eating the poop right now. You do too Mr quarterback anyway. He held a party. And Zeke Elliott was also there and Dacca's upset because he thinks it's been blown out of proportion by the media and by idiots like me saying it wasn't more than ten people it wasn't out of control it wasn't a ranger But Steven Jones says Tuesday in an interview with the fan in Dallas that he talked to both Prescott and Elliott about not conducting gatherings while most of the country remains under quarantine. Here's what Stephen Jones had to say Blah Blah Blah Blah. And then do press got released a statement. Where do you come down on this March attack? Angry with them furious furious. I think two things Jane slater followed up to report that some of the images that showed the swanky bizarre looking party center was actually a a local restaurant called Nick and Sam's that she's been to and they actually took their own photos of the spread. They sent to Jack on with all these things in general. It's like if if someone were to from a PR angle examine what I did from age. Twenty to twenty eight. It would be a horrific story for the nation to follow along in general. Let's try to stay. Let's just like not get in our own way while the entire country is gripped by the biggest Health Related News. Story of our lifetime and your deck. Prescott and Zeke Elliott hanging around eating lamb wings or whatever it is eating. It's just why this wings when they don't know what was on the menu. I might be right. I have to stop. Lamps brings to stop going to my neighbor's front yard every day at five o'clock and sitting eight feet across from each other here. You're sitting across from each other not having a party inside your house with all having dinner at the same table. He said less than fewer than ten people right. I mean it's hard to keep track of the rules and get a handle on severity when the messages so mixed from layers at the national state and Cable News Levels. Dr Ci Telling People that Hate. Take a swing on tinder if you need to. He basically said it on that podcast. We mentioned if you're if you're willing to take the risk. Go down the Tinder Avenue. She said shoot. Your shot is basically what he said. So it's a dangerous time in the Corinthian because this is kind of a screw it time. Meaning some of my like. I'm sick of this screw. It like I am tired of doing this. I'M GONNA have my friends over. I've been doing this for weeks. It's tired and I WANNA see my girlfriend. Whatever IT MAY BE. It's sort of the screw it period and I think maybe that's what that got into my question. Why is Dak hosting anything? He shouldn't be hosting a heap. That means he has to pay for food and drink and everything. There's like six different people on the cowboys. That should be hosting party. Zeke should be hosting the Marcus. Jalen all of those guys who have been paid I picture. Dak and his front door charging twenty dollars a Solo Cup to come in. He's the last guy who should be hosting. They should be hosting him. It's not the end of the world but it's also west like days after he's out working out with Dez Bryant and everyone's got their arms around each other and at some point. Yeah you're young and you make mistakes again. It's not the end of the world. But you're also like an example for everyone tracking Dak Prescott in the state of Texas and like if it's cool that he's just going out like basically living his life as normally does and other people think that they can't do

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