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Cops break up large gatherings amid coronavirus restrictions


If you think nobody's paying attention guess again in recent days NASA county fire marshal's broke up to wedding parties because people were congregating and in this pandemic that's not allowed here's the Nassau County health commissioner Dr Lawrence Eisenstein we're not gonna talk about individual things but our fire marshals to answer your question are out there breaking up any kind of gathering where people are hanging out whether it's a bunch of teenagers sitting on a blanket in a park or a backyard wedding or anything in between Nassau County executive Laura Curran says the fire marshal's do have compassion she says the first or second time you'll probably just get a warning but if they show up the third time in all likelihood she said you'll get a fine in Richmond hill queens the New York state liquor authority has suspended the license of the new oriental Jana restaurant on liberty Avenue the SLA says the place is in full swing with about forty customers in complete violation of the governor's emergency

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Cops break up large gatherings amid coronavirus restrictions

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